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Way of the Dogg Review

Between some great rap songs and plenty of publicity for his love of marijuana, Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion (that's what he calls himself now), has left a little mark for himself in pop culture. Now he's looking to leave his mark in video games, just as he kind of did years ago appearing in a Def Jam fighting game for Xbox and PlayStation. But with Way of the Dogg, he plays it a bit... Read Review

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DJ Hero 2 Set List

DJ Hero 2 Set List

The final track list has been announced, and it boasts 85 completely original mixes that can’t be heard anywhere else. Not only did Freestyle games get access to some of the top DJ’s mixes, but all of these mixes are comprised of hit songs... some of which haven’t even left radio play yet because they’re still new. These are songs that you absolutely need to experience, and fans of the genre (and even those who aren’t) will find that there is no better video game soundtrack in existence. Hit the break below to see what’s playable when DJ Hero 2 arrives this fall, and be prepared for an audiophiles dream come true. Read More

kombo Sep 28, 2010 | Comments