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Watch Dogs enters the dangerous world of Aiden Pearce, a "new class of antihero" who has the ability to hack into any connected electronic system.  It's a game that focuses on the concept that all people can be identified and tracked based on their electronic interactions, be it through the internet or their cell phones.

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I took my cellphone out of my pocket and browsed down to the Cars on Demand app. I then selected a fast motorcycle, since I knew the criminal convoy I was tasked with intercepting was nearing its destination. I hopped aboard, cellphone still in hand, because I like to live dangerously. If I play this smart I can cut them off without rousing much suspicion. I drove past the convoy and straight to the bridge, pressed a button and watched the bridge go up, cutting off the convoy's route. I drew my gun and attempted to get rid of the driver and make my getaway. Things didn't go so well and I missed the driver's head by a hair, and he floors it, makes a u-turn and tries to make his getaway. His mistake. I still rule the city. I got on my bike and waited for the best... Read Review

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