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Warp is a puzzle–based stealth action game where you play as Zero, a little orange alien with a big score to settle! Imprisoned by the villainous Commander in an underwater research facility, Zero must escape by relying on his arsenal of unique abilities.

WARP Review

When I first started playing Warp, the latest game from Trapdoor Interactive and Electronic Arts, I couldn’t help but feel what I like to call the “Valve vibe”.  That’s when you kind of get the same sort of independent gaming essence from its previous works, but from a different perspective.  Warp has a Portal-esque look at first, as you wander as a cute little alien named Zero around a lab and humans watch over your progress through a memory puzzle and digesting a grub (without a mouth, no less). But before you get into the easygoing vibe that the game puts on at first, you’re soon taken for a throttling turn.  About near the beginning of the opening level, Zero reacquires an ability that makes him a force to be reckoned with –... Read Review

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Trophy Xbox 360


Challenged (10) Completing all of these shows mastery of your abilities.
Consequences (20) Your rampage through the facility left few survivors.
Corpse Killer (15) See what these humans are made of.
Crossfire (15) What happens when soldiers duel?
Cuddles (20) Your peaceful playthrough is admirable.
In a Rush (25) There is no use sticking around longer than necessary.
King Grubulon (20) These things are everywhere.
Murder Artist (20) For only the most creative killers.
Over Exposed (15) It's best not to leave any recorded evidence.
Rival (10) They got gold? Are you going to let them beat you?
Stupid Toy (10) The foolish toy ball didn't stand a chance.
Sunlight (20) Now that you're free, what will you do?