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WarDevil is still a go for Xbox 360

WarDevil is still a go for Xbox 360

It wouldn't surprise me if only a few of you had ever heard of WarDevil - Unleash the Beast Within, the post-apocalyptic title from the developers at Digi-Guys. After its announcement several years ago, there was discussion among the development team as to whether or not a 360 version should be developed. The team concluded that it would be best to scrap the 360 version so that they could put all their focus on developing their game for the PS3. However, it looks like Digi-Guys went back on their original plan and are in fact working on a 360 version as well. Not only that, but Xbox owners will be able to receive a copy on the same day that it launches for Sony's console. It looks like the team at Digi-Guys aren't willing to pass up on the massive Xbox user-base. In addition, Ignition Entertainment will be publishing the game, so be sure to check out their website for more information. Read More

kombo August 3, 2009 | Comments