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Viking Age Multiplayer Close Quarter Combat set in Saxon controlled Britannia! Game Background Built on the same CQC Tech as War of the Roses; War of the Vikings delivers the next generation of Paradox’s close quarter combat focused brands that moves the setting to the Viking Age.

War of the Vikings Review

War of the Vikings is the sequel/spirtual successor/follow-up to 2012's War of the Roses. This time, we've traded in the 15th Century English battles for a Viking/Saxxon conflict. The result is an incredibly difficult and intense close-quarter game that walks the fine line between enjoyable and mind-numbingly frustrating. I honestly can't stress that last point enough; you will die in War of the Vikings and you'll die a lot. I almost came quite close to just giving the game up all together, but no; I'm a journalist and I have responsibilities. I also really wanted to unlock the ranged class since I enjoyed playing it so much a few months ago during a press preview event. This brings me to pet peeve number one I have with the game: the... Read Review

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