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War of the Monsters Cheats

Action Replay Codes

Unlock Playstation 2
Enable codes 0E3C7DF21853E59E EE9BCB2ABCCCC63A Max/Inf Tokens DEBD861AC19E7B82 DEBD8626C19E7B82 Idiot AI DE93BD9ABCA99B8F P1 Inf Health DE93B162FFDD9B83 P1 Inf Stamina DE93B10EFE719B83 P1 Inf Special DE93BC8EBDA99B83 P1 No Health DE93B162BCA99B83 P1 No Stamina DE93B10EBCA99B83 P1 No Special DE93BC8EBCA99B83 P2 Inf Health DE92A0F2FFDD9B83 P2 Inf Stamina DE92A79EFE719B83 P2 Inf Special DE92A31EBDA99B83 P2 No Health DE92A0F2BCA99B83 P2 No Stamina DE92A79EBCA99B83 P2 No Special DE92A31EBCA99B83 P3 No Health DE919602BCA99B83 P4 No Health DE908492BCA99B83 Quick-Kill Boss 1 DEAF6B22BCA99B83 Unlock Levels Volcano CE94D10ABCA99B84 Mini Baytown CE94D13EBCA99B84 Capitol CE94D1E2BCA99B84 UFO CE94D096BCA99B84 Unlock Mini-Games Dodgeball CE94D0BABCA99B84 Big Shot CE94D06EBCA99B84 Crush-O-Rama CE94D012BCA99B84 Raptros Costumes Raptros 1 CE94D82ABCA99B84 Raptros 2 CE94D8DEBCA99B84 Raptros 3 CE94DF82BCA99B84 Raptros 4 CE94DFB6BCA99B84 Togera Costumes Togera 3 CE94DF32BCA99B84 Togera 4 CE94DFE6BCA99B84 Preytor Costumes Preytor 3 CE94DE62BCA99B84 Preytor 4 CE94DE16BCA99B84 Congar Costumes Congar 3 CE94DD92BCA99B84 Congar 4 CE94DD46BCA99B84 Robo-47 Costumes Robo-47 3 CE94DDC2BCA99B84 Robo-47 4 CE94DDF6BCA99B84 Agamo Costumes Agamo 3 CE94DC72BCA99B84 Agamo 4 CE94DC26BCA99B84 Ultra-V Costumes Ultra-V 3 CE94D3A2BCA99B84 Ultra-V 4 CE94D356BCA99B84 Magmo Costumes Magmo 3 CE94D3D2BCA99B84 Magmo 4 CE94D286BCA99B84 Kineticlops Costumes Kineticlops 3 CE94D202BCA99B84 Kineticlops 4 CE94D236BCA99B84 Zorgulon Costumes Zorgulon 1 CE94D2DABCA99B84 Zorgulon 2 CE94D18EBCA99B84 Zorgulon 3 CE94D1B2BCA99B84 Zorgulon 4 CE94D166BCA99B84