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Cheats for Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Unlockable Characters

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Airplane Bodyguard complete Headshot mode mode
Nightmare complete Close Combat mode
Play as Swat Leader Kill The Swat Leader in any difficulty in slow-mo adrenaline mode.

Killer Difficulty

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Beat the game on Assassin difficulty.

The Hidden Binary Codes

  • All platforms
  • code
Unlocks Airplane Bodyguard 01010111
Unlocks Cinematic Mode 01110100
Unlocks Close Combat Mode 01100101
Unlocks Cross 01010100
Unlocks Health Improvement 01001100
Unlocks Infinite Aderanaline 01101101
Unlocks Infinite Ammo 01101111
Unlocks Jnanice 01000100
Unlocks One Shot One Kill 01110010
Unlocks Special Suit 01100001
Unlocks Super Weapons 01001111
Unlocks Wesly 01000011
Unlocks: Headshot Mode 01100111