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Virtua Tennis 3 gives gamers the opportunity to experience new levels of realism never thought possible on a home console system. Virtua Tennis 3 includes a host of superstar tennis players from both the male and female circuits. World No.1 and 2006 Wimbledon Champion Amelie Mauresmo heads up the roster of womens tennis greats alongside global superstar Maria Sharapova, world renowned powerhouse Venus Williams and the resurgent Martina Hingis. Rising star Nicole Vaidisova, hard hitting Lindsay Davenport and Slovakian Daniela Hantuchova complete the list of women's headliners you can chose to either play as or against as you compete in one of Virtua Tennis 3's many tournaments. The very best of men's tennis is also available in Virtua Tennis 3 with top seed and four times Wimbledon Champion Roger Federer leading the men's line up. Gamers can also sample the raw power of World No.2 Rafael Nadal, the dangerous serve of Andy Roddick, the serve and volley skills of Tim Henman or the tenacity of Lleyton Hewitt. New to Virtua Tennis 3 are the next generation of tennis superstars in James Blake, Mario Ancic, Gael Monfils and Taylor Dent. Completing the list are global stars David Nalbandian, Sebastien Grosjean, Juan Carlos Ferrero, and Tommy Haas. Virtua Tennis 3 again allows players to create their own tennis superstar to take part in a brand new iteration of the popular World Tour Mode. By using the extensive player creation module, building up your stats and winning exhibition and tournament matches you too could become a World No.1! In addition to this the World Tour mode will include 10 brand new addictive Mini Games that feature all the hallmarks of the classic games fans know and love. And that's not all! There are also two classic mini games that will help you perfect your skills on your quest to the top. Also new to the series, Court Games can add a fresh feel to the multiplayer side of Virtua Tennis 3. These quirky variants of the beloved mini-games allow for frantic games against up to three human opponents, offering a new multiplayer experience for all and further deepening the longevity of the definitive next gen tennis experience. The final addition of five set matches rounds off Virtua Tennis 3's comprehensive list of new and improved features, cementing the franchises' position as the benchmark tennis videogame available on any videogames format.

Virtua Tennis 3 Cheats

Win King Of Players mode to unlock the Wooden racket .

Win One Match to Win Tournment

Code Playstation 3
Win tournment with only winning one match. Press Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle, Up, Circle, Down at the main menu



10 Co-Op Doubles Ranked Wins (20) Win 10 co-op doubles Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.
100 Artificial Court game (20) 100 artificial court plays.
100 Clay Court Games (20) 100 clay court plays.
100 Grass Court Games (20) 100 grass court plays.
1000 Plays (30) Play the game 1000 times in any mode.
10Km Running Distance (30) Run a total of 10Km.
130mph / 209kmh serve (20) Hit a serve over 130 mph.
1st Custom Player Win (20) Win a match with an Custom Player on default settings.
1st Xbox Live Play (10) Play any game mode on Xbox Live.
25 Conversations (10) Make friends and chat to 25 pro players in the World Tour.
25 Court Games Played (20) Play and complete 25 Court Games.
25 Love Games (30) Achieve 25 Love Games.
250 Drop Shot Points (20) 250 drop shot points won.
250 Lob Points (20) 250 lob points won.
250 Running Shot Points (20) 250 running shot points won.
40 Consecutive Rallies (20) Achieve 40 Consecutive Rallies.
5 Consecutive MAX Served (20) Achieve 5 Consecutive MAX Serves.
5 Consecutive Ranked Wins (30) Win 5 Ranked Matches in a row on Xbox Live.
50 Player lobbies visited (20) Visit 50 Player Match lobbies on Xbox Live.
50 Ranked Wins (20) Win 50 Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.
500 MAX Serves (20) Achieve 500 Max Serves.
500 Smash Points (20) 500 smash points won.
500 Stroke Points (20) 500 stroke points won.
500 Volley Points (20) 500 volley points won.
Academy Missions Cleared (10) Clear each type of academy training session in the World Tour.
All Stages Unlocked (30) Unlock every stage in the game.
Beat All Female Pro Players (20) Beat all Female Pro Players on default settings.
Beat All Male Pro Players (20) Beat all Male Pro Players on default settings.
Custom Player - 1st Ranked Win (10) Win a Ranked Match using an Custom Player on Xbox Live.
Custom Player Created (10) Create your own Custom Player.
Gold in all Academy (30) Clear all the academy mission with gold medals.
Ham and Eggs (20) Get a Turkey in Pin Crusher in World Tour on level 4 or above.
Level 6 Training Game Cleared (30) Clear a level 6 mini-game in the World Tour.
Looking Good (20) Unlock 1 of each type of gear.
Play 10 hours court time (30) Play for 10 hours on tennis courts.
R&R (10) Take a well deserved rest in the World Tour.
Rank #1 World Tour (30) Rank #1 in the World Tour.
Rank #100 World Tour (20) Rank #100 in the World Tour.
Rank #200 World Tour (10) Rank #200 in the World Tour.
Training Games Cleared (10) Clear each type of mini-game in the World Tour.
Unlocked Duke (30) Unlock secret player Duke.
Unlocked King (30) Unlock secret player King.
VT.TV Viewers (10) Watch a match on VT.TV.
Won Ranked Match Player Rank +25 (20) Beat a singles rival ranked 25 positions above you.
Won Ranked Team Rank +25 (20) Beat a doubles team ranked 25 positions above you.
Won Using All Female Pro Players (20) Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings.
Won Using All Male Pro Players (20) Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings.
World Tour Match (10) Win your first match in the World Tour.
World Tour Season (20) Complete Year 1 in the World Tour.
World Tour Tournament (10) Win your first tournament in the World Tour.

Select the Pin Crusher minigame & get 3 strikes in a row.

Make 100 Lob shots in total

Duke and King

Duke Beat in tournament mode after flawless C ranking or better.
King Beat in tournament mode after flawless D ranking or worse.

U L R D = Up Down Left or Right on dpad (or joystick)
l & r = Left & right bumpers
B = B button

"UUDDLRLR" Unlock all courts
"UUDDLRlr" Unlock King & Duke
"LRBLRBUD" Unlock all gear

***Chime is made if entered correctly

***Enter Cheats at Menu Selection Screen