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  • Available on Wii
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  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Game Summary

Virtua Fighter was the first 3D fighting game in the industry and introduced eight unique characters, each with their own martial arts style. In Virtua Fighter 2, the intrepid fighters return to the World Fighting Tournament along with two new opponents: Shun-Di, a spry 82-year-old highly skilled in the drunken kung-fu style (also known as Monkey Kung-Fu) and Lion Rafale, an expert at Tourou-Ken. Take to the stage to see who will claim the championship title; will it be Lau Chan, Kage Maru, Wolf Hawkfield, Jeffry McWild, Akira Yuki, Jacky Bryant, Sarah Bryant or Pai Chan? The answer lies within.

Virtua Fighter 2 Cheats

Fight as Dural

Unlock Wii
Hold Left at the character selection screen until the countdown reaches "one". Dural will appear as a selection.
Press Down, Up, Right, A + Left at the character selection screen for 99 seconds of time.

Alternate costumes

Unlock Wii
Press Down + A, Up + A, Down + C, or Up + C at the character selection screen.

No damage

Unlock Wii
Hold B while highlighting player one's life selection at the options screen until the message "No Damage" appears. Then, press Start.

Hidden options

Unlock Wii
Enter the options screen, highlight the "Exit" selection, and tap Left until the hidden options are displayed.