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Victoria II spans the globe from 1836 to the start of World War Two with over 200 playable nations. Like its predecessor, Victoria II focuses on internal management, covering the industrialization and social/political changes in a country with dozens of different government types. The game gives a lot of importance to the economy of a country by having a complex market system with over 50 types of goods and factories. While warfare is a component of the game it is not the primary focus as in other Paradox Interactive games such as the Hearts of Iron series. Nations' populations are divided into cultures, religions, and occupations. There are several different population groups or "pops" including aristocrats, officers, clergy, capitalists, clerks, craftsmen, soldiers, laborers, and farmers. Victoria II introduces two new groups, artisans and bureaucrats. As in other Paradox titles, like Europa Universalis, historical missions that are micro-objectives in the larger game have been added. There are thousands of historical events and decisions as well. These events and nationalist forces can lead to the creation or disintegration of nation states.

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Paradox Interactive, the studio behind grand strategy games such as Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis, has released yet another strategy game that centers on micromanaging a country, rather than a single kingdom. Victoria II placers players in the shoes (or throne) of a monarch, and sets them free to make political decisions for an entire century.For players uninitiated with grand strategy games, rather than building separate units and tasking them with different jobs or sending them out to battle, or erecting buildings, everything withing Victoria II instead is accomplished through political persuasion.Starting out, players are assigned to select any country located on a world map set during 1836. Each location has different bonuses and penalties, so the choice of the player is... Read Review

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