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Violette of Velvet Assassin Allowed Morphine in Australia

Though for a while it seemed as if Velvet Assassin's questionable drug usage would not fly in Australia, the censors have relented. Violette can shoot up all the morphine she wants with the game's MA 15+ rating. It's of note that not too long ago, Fallout 3 was in danger of becoming banned from the country due to its usage of real drug titles. Read More


The Godfather II Pushed Back to an April Release

When you're the head of a mafia family, one of the keys to success is to know when you're out-gunned. Or so I would assume, as I'm not part of the mafia. But logic says that getting yourself riddled full of bullets isn't the best way to succeed. Anyway, The Godfather II was originally scheduled to be released around the same time as some rather heavy hitters: Halo Wars, Street Fighter IV, and Killzone 2. Now, a different tact is being taken for its release. Read More


No DLC or Sequel for Velvet Assassin

These days, when a company releases a game, they usually have plans for it. Big plans, to make as much money off of it as they can, be it with downloadable content, sequels, and whatever else comes their way. In fact, Activision has become rather notorious for that mindset as of late. So it does come as some surprise when one company, Blend Games, reveals that they are not out to do that with their upcoming stealth-action game, Velvet Assassin for the Xbox 360. No DLC, no material post-release, and no sequel. What gives? Read More