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  • Available on Wii
  • For fans of Action
  • Publisher(s): Sega
  • Developer: Pseudo
  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Game Summary

In the year 2049, mankind is forced to abandon an over polluted Earth and seek out other planets for colonization while the mechanized Orbots stay behind to clean up the mess. When the Orbot leader, WarHead, starts blowing a few circuits and causes a war among the mechanical brethren, a sludge pilot named Vectorman is the only one willing to step up and fight him. You'll morph into a speeding train, a power drill, a mechanical fish and a mighty dune buggy in this action-packed adventure. Equip yourself with weapons, pick up morphs and power-ups to defeat WarHead, and restore peace on Earth.

Vectorman Cheats

Debug mode

Unlock Wii
Press A, B(2), A, Down, A, B(2), A at the options screen. A debug menu, including level select, will be displayed.

Full health

Unlock Wii
Pause game play and press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A.
When you go down through the hole on the left side to reach the monkey, quickly move over to the right side and destroy the television to get a health ball. By this time, the Monkey should be making its way out of the blueprints. Without shooting at the Monkey, go back over to the left where the hole above you is located. Since the Monkey moves around on the ceiling, when he comes near, shoot at him. More often than not, that one shot forces him down onto the ground where he moves back and forth shooting. You should shoot too, and avoid his shots by jumping up if all else fails. The Monkey will then jump back up and go to the right of the screen. Stay there. Do not go after him, because you will almost always get shot badly. Repeat the process until he yells and bursts into pieces.
You must do two things before facing this Boss. First, always take the high path. Second, at the end of the high path make sure that you destroy the monitor to get the checkpoint orb before you fall down to the Boss' lair. There are two ways to defeat this Boss: The first is to jump and use your jets to hit his head. Do this a numerous times and he will be defeated. The second way is to keep shooting his head and try not to get squished.

Hint: Taunting

Unlock Wii
Walk into a wall and stay there. Vectorman will then pose and juggle the balls that make up his arm.
Keep walking into him and shooting diagonally at his head. When he corners you to the side, keep walking in and go the other way while still shooting at his head. Note: When he gets hurt, he shoots out the orange bomb things.
Keep moving and shoot at his underside. When he goes up at the right side, stay back. He will come down and bomb you if you are too close.
Keep walking against him, and shoot at his face. When he stalls and opens his mouth, he is vulnerable for attack. To save health balls, keep walking into him.

Hint: Hover

Unlock Wii
To hover in mid-air, aim down from where Vectorman is falling, then keep shooting. To go higher while hovering, use your jet pack feet. Note: A controller with a turbo feature will make this trick easier.
Collect the power-up to turn into a grenade. Pause game play when it explodes. Enable the "Free movement" code. This should allow you to move anywhere in the level as an exploding bomb. Locate the Boss, if available, at the end of the level. Enable the "Free movement" code again to face the Boss invisible and invincible.

Hint: Item preview

Unlock Wii
To view the various items and power-ups in the game, simply point the option menu cursor to "Information" and press Start.
Enable the "Free movement" code and go directly under the floor where the level starts. Kill the robot and you should see three televisions. Break them to get two lives and a jet pack.
Pause game play and press B, A, Left(2), or B, A, Left, Down.


Unlock Wii
Note: This trick only works in a level that contains a morph icon. Get any morph icon, then before you completely change, pause game play and enable the "Free movement" code. Resume game play, then pause game play again and repeat the "Free movement" code. If done correctly, all enemies can be killed by simply walking into them.
Position Vectorman on the ground just to the right of the Sega logo at the opening screen. Shoot directly up into the air to hit a hidden TV. Jump up from the logo towards that hidden location to collect the Orb power-up that was in the TV. Use the Orb to destroy the Sega logo.

Free movement

Unlock Wii
Pause game play and press C, A, Left(2), A, C, A, B. Vectorman will transform into a cursor that can be moved to any location in the level. Opponents, except for Bosses, are eliminated if they are touched by the cursor. Repeat the code to revert back to normal mode. Note: Enable this code when Vectorman is a bomb for invisibility and invincibility for the remainder of the level.

Level warp

Unlock Wii
Move Vectorman below the Sega logo screen and shoot it 24 times. Jump and hit the logo with Vectorman's head 12 times. The phrase "Get Ready" will appear, then each letter in "Sega" will begin to fall. Collect 90 to 109 letters to warp to level 5. Catch 110 or more to warp to level 10.

Level bonuses

Unlock Wii
Complete a level without shooting any targets for a point bonus. Complete a level without using photons for a photon bonus.
Pause game play and press A, B, A, C, A, B. Four dots will appear around Vectorman. If any projectile or enemy touches or passes through the area that these dots surround, Vectorman will be hit and usually take damage. There is also a fifth dot that represents Vectorman's boot blast. When you use the boot blast, the dot will move downward. If it touches an enemy, the enemy will be hit by the boot blast and take damage.

Slow motion

Unlock Wii
Pause game play and press Down, Right, A, C, Up, Left, A. The game will slow down when Vectorman is hit. Repeat the code to revert back to normal speed.