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  • Available on Wii
  • For fans of Action
  • Publisher(s): Sega
  • Developer: Pseudo
  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Latest Articles


Sumo Digital Panel for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

The international Sonic convention known as "Summer of Sonic '09" was held last weekend, and in attendance were none other than Steve Lycett and Travis Ryan of Sumo Digital, who serve as the Executive Producer and Lead Designer, respectively, on the upcoming SEGA racing game Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. And not only did they attend, but they also hosted a panel in which a number of questions about the title would be answered, hopefully sating peoples' curiosity for just a little bit. Read More


Sonic & Knuckles comes to XBLA on September 9th

Removing the greatest and most essential part of any gamer's childhood, Sonic & Knuckles will see virtual release onto XBLA on September 9th. You're probably wondering what it's removing, right? Well, how about the ability to make a tower of video games starting with your Genesis as the base, Sonic & Knuckles in the middle and then Sonic 2 on top? We all know your friends tried to convince you that Knuckles would play in other games if you jammed them in the top. Well, it's true. Try it with Vectorman... MINDBLOWING! Sonic 2 dropped on XBLA in September of 2007, and if you've got it and you download Sonic & Knuckles you will be able to play through Sonic 2 as Knuckles himself. Total hacks. No word yet on a release for the Wii or pricing. More as it comes. Read More


Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Unlockables Revealed

I've heard varying things about the quality of Backbone Entertainment's ports, so I'm hoping that they do right by the vast collection of ports being included in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Gaming Bits learned of what the unlockable titles in the collection will be, which just sweetens the deal all the more... especially after they do the math: $30 divided by 49 games comes out to about 60 cents a game! Sounds good to me, provided the ports are solid. Check out the full list after the cut. Read More


SEGA Announces Compilation of 40 Classics, Including Sonic, Alex Kidd and More

SEGA announced today that it will be releasing a compilation of 40 of its greatest games, called Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, on both Xbox 360 and PS3 during the spring of 2009. I'm not quite sure why the name "Sonic" is in the title if the compilation has more than just Sonic games. My only guess is that SEGA's trying to capitalize on the poor hedgehog. Whatever the case, this is likely to be a must-have for old-school SEGA fans, as long as developer Backbone Entertainment does a good job porting these classics. So far, the diagnosis is good. All the titles will run in 720p. After the cut, you'll find a full list of the games included in the compilation. Read More


Wii-kly Update: Bomberman Blast, Art Style: ORBIENT, and Super Turrican 2

Last week saw us get Vectorman, Super Dodge Ball, and Mega Man 9. Can this week's update hope to maintain the fever pitch?WiiWare™ Art Style: ORBIENT (Nintendo, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 600 Wii Points): Explore the universe like never before in Art Style: ORBIENT. Take control of gravity and anti-gravity and carefully maneuver your small star through 50 stages set in multiple galaxies. Collide with other stars to absorb them and make your own star expand in size, or capture the stars in your orbit and have them become your satellites. Space isn't empty, though, and you'll have to avoid bumping into obstacles or getting pulled into a black hole. If you feel like relaxing while still being challenged, this is the game for you. Its combination of simple controls, atmospheric sound and unique environment make for an experience unlike any other. Bomberman Blast (Hudson Entertainment, 1-8 players, Rated E for Everyone—Mild Cartoon Violence, 1,000 Wii Points): A brand new addition to the Bomberman series is available on WiiWare. Up to eight players can battle online simultaneously via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. Simple controls make this a great game for family and friends to enjoy anytime. You can trigger new items by shaking the Wii Remote™ controller, creating new levels of Bomberman excitement. You can even take the intensity up another notch by adding your own Mii™ caricatures to the mix. Battle results can be recorded on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ranking, so you can see how you stack up against others around the globe. This title will prove to be a blast for everyone--from those who've never touched a Bomberman game to the Bomberman masters. Virtual Console™ Super Turrican 2 (Super NES™, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone—Violence, 800 Wii Points): As the last survivor of the United Freedom Forces, it is your duty to destroy the Machine's forces that have devastated the galaxy. Fight through countless hordes of enemies using everything at your disposal. Use weapons and power-ups to fight back the tide of oncoming enemies. Use special abilities like the Energy Wheel and Cyberfist to find secret areas and score extra lives. When your lives and continues are gone, the mission ends. You are the galaxy's last hope. Are you up to the challenge?...apparently not. Though Bomberman Blast is nothing to sneeze at, and I think I've heard decent things about Super Turrican 2. Read More


Mega Man 9 Brings in 60,000 Downloads on Its First Day

The first day of Mega Man 9's much-anticipated arrival on Nintendo's WiiWare has come and gone, leaving but one question: How did it do?Using Wii Shop Channel rankings from the top American Wii markets -- US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia -- along with historical sales data calculated from Nintendo Channel usage data, we can exclusively reveal to you today the sales for the first day for the hottest WiiWare title to date: Day 1 sales for the Americas: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare, Capcom, 1,000 points): 60,000 Yes, that's right. In one day Mega Man 9 outsold all but six WiiWare titles' lifetime totals. In one day it outsold Strong Bad Episode's 1 lifetime sales from over a month. For the full week it could surpass the lifetime sales of every WiiWare title -- and most Virtual Console titles, as well. Needless to say, this is a pretty successful debut. We'll bring you full week sales next week, look out for the first-day sales of the XBLA version when it launches next Wednesday. The other titles released were Plattchen Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare, Bplus, 1,000 points), Super Dodge Ball (NES, Aksys Games, 500 points), and Vectorman (Sega Genesis, Sega, 800 points), and none of them had enough first-day sales to crack the top 20 (less than 1,000, probably far less). -- VG ChartzThat's something else, and definitely a good sign. With any luck, this and the upcoming Gradius Rebirth and new Adventure Island games will help pave the way for even more fan-driven classics making their way back to consoles, like a new 2D Castlevania or, God help us all, Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Hey, maybe we could even see some classic Zelda or Mario action spring up. And don't forget, that's only the first day. I can't wait to see what numbers the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network add to it. Read More


Wii-kly Update: Mega Man 9! And Three Other Titles

After eleven long years, the time has finally arrived! ...and I'm spending it writing this and other stuff for another eight hours. This is one time I'm a little more envious of our PAL friends; their updates come right before the weekend. Then again, they don't even have a firm release date, while I merely have to endure a few hours of torture. I guess that's enough of a trade-off...WiiWare Mega Man™ 9 (CAPCOM, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Cartoon Violence, 1,000 Wii Points): Mega Man fans, the wait is over! The classic Blue Bomber that debuted in 1987 is back with the ninth installment in the classic series. It's a new adventure for Mega Man done in an 8-bit style-graphics, music and gameplay are all like you remember them. PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint (Bplus, 1-8 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint is a crazy, challenging puzzle shooter that delivers more than 100 hours of fun, supporting up to eight players simultaneously. Guard the birth of ZeLeLi and free them from the menace of the evil black Shadow Plättchen. Play as one of the countless FantasyMEs and fight as an astronaut, butterfly, car or football against sharks, cowboys, asteroids and skulls in numerous, fabulous fantasy Worlds. Use items and multipliers in combos to fight yourself to the top of the high scores and find the perfect way to solve a level. Go wild in three completely different game modes of PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint with more than 300 levels. Twist cooperatively with your friends or compete through many multiplayer modes. Virtual Console Super Dodge Ball™ (NES™, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Cartoon Violence, 500 Wii Points): In Super Dodge Ball, you take control of the USA Dodge Ball team and travel the world in an effort to become the best dodge ballers around. Step onto playing fields in countries all over the globe and use a combination of normal and super shots to help take down your opponents. But be careful, as some destinations have surfaces that can affect your footing. Manage the team as you think best, and swap out characters with other players that better fit your playing style. Two players can enjoy a head-to-head game or play a spirited round of Bean Ball, a six-character free-for-all. Three difficulty levels are available (Easy, Medium, and Hard); which one you choose will depend on your skill and courage. Do you have what it takes to lead Team USA to the ultimate prize and win the world championship of dodge ball? Vectorman™ (Sega Genesis, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone-Animated Violence, 800 Wii Points): In the year 2049, mankind is forced to abandon an over polluted Earth and seek out other planets for colonization while the mechanized Orbots stay behind to clean up the mess. When the Orbot leader, WarHead, starts blowing a few circuits and causes a war among the mechanical brethren, a sludge pilot named Vectorman is the only one willing to step up and fight him. You'll morph into a speeding train, a power drill, a mechanical fish and a mighty dune buggy in this action-packed adventure. Equip yourself with weapons, pick up morphs and power-ups to defeat WarHead, and restore peace on Earth.Hmm, I remember Super Dodge Ball... might be worth looking at sometime. As for Vectorman, I'm a little less eager, but that's partly due to the fact I have it already on the Sonic Gems collection. *sings* Mega Man 9, Mega Man 9! Tonight I'm going to play some Mega Man 9~! And I'll bring along my thoughts on it shortly after. Read More