Vancouver 2010: The Official Video Game of the Winter Olympic Games - Feature

Vancouver 2010: The Official Video Game of the Winter Olympic Games

Vancouver 2010: The Official Video Game of the Winter Olympic Games Boxart

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Americans love the Olympics. In fact, as evidenced by Beijing in 2008, most of the modern world fills with national pride when the Olympics come around. The games are great at making millions of people feel like a part of something bigger, even if each and every one of us has an ulterior motive for watching. Some people enjoy cheering on the best of the best in their given sport, while others... Read Review

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Media: SEGA Announces Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Video Game

SEGA revealed the first images from it's upcoming Vancouver 2010 video game, being developed by Eurocom for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. SEGA touts that Vancouver will be an authentic simulation of the games. In addition, VideoGamer reports from Eurocom that the game will feature "a new challenge mode, plus revamped online gameplay and brand new control schemes said to be 'new to an official video game of the Olympic Games'." What this actually means, I'm not entirely sure. Does anyone else remember the awesome Nagano Winter Olympics '98 by Konami? Because I do. Know why? Because I spent $69.99 on the N64 game way back when it took me a hell of a lot longer to save my money for video game purchases, because when you are 13 years old, you are getting paid minimum wage at a job that sucks. And guess what? I wasted it on a game "simulating" the 1998 Winter Olympics. So thanks, but no thanks, SEGA. I'll pass on this one. Read More


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Now Officially Made Official

Okay, so after yesterday's unofficial official announcement, we can now say that Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games now has its officially official announcement, making things official. So, what could make snowboarding with Mario and Sonic even better? Using the Balance Board to snowboard with Mario and Sonic, of course! And that's just what SEGA is bringing to the Wii version of the title, along with "an even richer multiplayer experience offering co-op and competitive gameplay." You can check out the official site here (it's just the video for the moment), and keep reading for the full press release. Read More