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When an inexplicable, ongoing solar eclipse plagues Transylvania, it is up to news reporter Emily Davis to solve the dark mystery. As researchers and other civilians begin to disappear, you must uncover hundreds of skillfully hidden objects and decipher the clues behind the eclipse. Brace yourself, because nothing in Transylvania is as it appears and it will require all your puzzle-solving skills to unearth the Mystery of the Hidden Sun.

Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun - NDS Review

Vampires are popular again. If they’re not popping up on the WB Network and enticing teenagers, they’re making a fuss over love and loyalty in the Twilight flicks. They’re also getting a fair amount of attention in video games, as you go hunting for one in City Interactive’s Nintendo DS release Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun. Unfortunately, like most vampires, this game sucks something fierce.You are a young reporter, Emily Davis, sent to Transylvania to investigate a solar eclipse that’s been taking place for longer than expected. It seems kind of odd to have the land covered in darkness for so long, unless there’s a vampire – in this case, Dracula – afoot. But, instead of making the game into an intriguing survival horror adventure, Vampire Moon merely drags along as a... Read Review

Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun - NDS Cheats


Unlock Nintendo DS
All-Seeing Award Complete 3 levels in a row without using any hints.
Ariadne's Thread Award Complete the labyrinth in under 30 seconds.
Discoverer Award Beat the game.
Impatient Award Make 30 incorrect selections in any given location.
Just Visiting Award Use hints 8 times in any given location.
Savior Award Rescue Cosmin Stoica.
Twiddle Fingers Award Find 3 items in 10 seconds.