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One of the things that perplexes us around the office is why Valkyria Chronicles II has been released for a different platform than the original release. When Sega released the first game, it was for the PlayStation 3, and despite its lack of best-seller status, it gained enough of a cult following to be considered a modest hit. The sequel, of all places, is on the PlayStation Portable, which... Read Review

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The latest issue of Famitsu revealed this week that Square Enix is remaking the original Tactics Ogre for the PSP. With the top members of the original development team at the helm, it will have fundamental changes and enhancements but still try to remain faithful to the original version. The current Japanese name for the new title roughly translates to Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fate (or Fortune). It is a "rebuild" of the strategy RPG that was known in North America on the original PlayStation as Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The changes to the game go as far as alterations on the balance as well as the visual style. Read More


A "Possibility" Still Exists That SEGA Will Localize Yakuza 3

For those of you who are fans of SEGA's Yakuza series, do not give up hope yet, as there still exists "a possibility" that the third game in the series might make it to our Western shores. In response to a post made on the PlayStation.Blog about Valkyria Chronicles II, user UNCyrus left a comment which said "First off, just wanted to say thanks for all the great games that you guys are releasing. It saddened me to see that you guys weren't going to localize Yakuza 3." And this sparked a reply from Sega of America Assistant Community Manager Aaron Webber. What did he say? Hit the cut to find out. Read More


Valkyria Chronicles II Announced for North America

Sega today officially announced the PSP sequel to Valkryia Chronicles for North America. Valkyria Chronicles II is set for a summer 2010 release. Sega's official blog confirms that Valkyria Chronicles II will have players fighting a civil war taking place two years after the first game. Sega promises that the lines between friend and enemy will not be so distinct in the sequel. After the small country of Gallia successfully defends itself against the Empire in a great war, a Gallian Revolutionary Army conducts a coup, heavily armed with the best equipment and soldiers. Because the characters from the original Vaklyria Chronicles have moved on with lives and families of their own, the Gallian government must now depend on up-and-coming students of the Gallian Military Academy. Sega made the North American announcement for Valkyria Chronicles II with a short trailer only showing shots from the game's anime cut scenes. Read More


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