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In Valiant Hearts, the five characters are drawn together by one common cause: reuniting a young German soldier with his lost love. As the five suffer through the unimaginable dangers of the trenches, they’re guided by a single canine companion — a German dog separated from its owner during an artillery attack. This dog will not only help the characters survive, but also serve as a guide to players during both action sequences and puzzles.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review

Video games about war are nothing new. We see new ones released every year. But while the Call of Duty’s and Battlefield’s seemingly glorify the war hero, Ubisoft opts to explore the emotional aspect of the war and the effect it has on all involved. This is made clear by the simple fact that, at no point in the game, do you actually kill anyone. That doesn’t mean you won’t witness death though. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is set during World War I, also referred to as “The Great War.” But make no mistake, there is nothing great about this war -- except for maybe the number of casualties. With this game, Ubisoft isn’t necessarily trying to make you a war hero (though you will play as quite a few of them). Rather, they are simply... Read Review

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