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  • Available on PS Vita
  • Publisher(s): XSEED
  • Release Date(s): Oct 15, 2013
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Game Summary

Carceron Prison. An ancient castle on the frontier of a war-torn continent, where chaos reigns. The only rule in this hell is survival of the fittest. The strong take whatever they please: money, women... even life itself. Your goal? To claim Flockhart’s Legacy -- a treasure which, it is said, can only be obtained by one who has sold his soul to darkness. Hire up to six mercenaries to fight alongside you, trade in black market goods and “persuade” the lovely ladies of Carceron to lend you aid in this dark, gritty action RPG.

Valhalla Knights 3 Review

Valhalla Knights 3 from Xseed Games does not hold your hand. It's a game that would've been great back on the original PlayStation or the PSP, but feels ancient on the PS Vita. I can't say I even enjoyed it that much, as the game comes down to grinding, which I hate. It's a great character creator combined with a progression system that gets bogged down by dated graphics, an unforgiving grind and a “sexy time” mini-game. Valhalla Knights 3 starts with you arriving in Carceron Prison. It's a prison in the sense that there are prisoners, but this compound has shops, districts with female companionship, and other things you wouldn't expect to find in a prison. There's a treasure that's supposedly hidden somewhere in the prison. Your... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Valhalla Knights 3.