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Media: 9 Worlds of New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Plus New Excitebike: World Rally Footage

The Super Mario Bros. series has always been a little irregular in the number of worlds it offers. Super Mario Bros. began a tradition of eight, while The Lost Levels added five more to that, including the elusive World 9, which could only be accessed by not warping (and it really stunk in All-Stars if you'd open it, warp later, then save). Super Mario 2 offered only seven worlds, while Super Mario 3 went back to eight, with the ninth world being the "Warp Zone." And then Super Mario World brought seven lands, the Star Road, and the Special World. Things went back to basics in New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS with eight worlds to explore, and it appeared that New Super Mario Bros. Wii was going the same way... at least, until the above image appeared during the latest edition of Nintendo Week. Unfortunately, we don't know anything more, except that this might relate to the "fantastic secrets/features/surprises" ONM spoke of in their recent Q&A. Hit the cut to see the Nintendo Week episode for yourself, featuring Shigeru Miyamoto and some new Excitebike World Rally footage. Read More


No Weather Changes, Night, or Rally Racing in Forza 3

If I were especially interested in Forza 3, it would be breaking my heart right now. On the official Forza Motorsport 3 forums, Turn 10 Community Manager Che Chou has refuted recent rumors that the title would contain elements such as weather, night racing, or rally in the title. On the other hand, if your surroundings aren't as important as what you're driving, you may well be in luck. "Any car is up for grabs. Just because we haven't announced/shown it doesn't mean it won't make it into the game. We're just trickling out info." Presently, the game is said to include over 400 cars, plus a first-time for Forza cockpit view. In the meantime, you can see the Turn10 guys doing research for the game, after the cut. Read More


Bozek No Longer Shining Under Sony's Star, Now Sings Atari's Tune

First, it was Phil Harrison, and now it's Sony's Singstar boss Paulina Bozek who has jumped to Atari. Just what is it about Atari that makes Sony people want to abandon ship?"I am very excited to be joining Atari at this pivotal time for both the company and the industry," said Bozek. "There is a huge opportunity as gaming platforms become more ubiquitous, more connected and attract more mainstream audiences. Atari has a great vision for the future and I can't wait to start realising that vision in new products and services." Harrison, obviously, is quite pleased. "This is a significant step in expanding Atari's online game development capability," he said. "Paulina is one of the industry's most respected creative leaders with an outstanding track-record of commercial and creative success and I'm delighted that she will bring her unique vision, consumer insight and proven ability for creating amazing entertainment experiences to Atari." -- videogaming247Translation: "We aren't interested in traditional games now, and, coincidentally, we don't want Sony making our kinds of games, either. But maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle." Coming soon: SonAtari PlayStation 2600. See the full press release and Sony's response after the cut. Read More


Alone in the Dark

Atari recently held a special press event to showcase the latest iteration of their Alone in the Dark franchise. The series... Read More