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  • Available on PC
  • Release Date(s): Aug 16, 2013
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The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing in Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation. Sucker monsters into moving into your building, charge them rent and keep them happy by buying them furniture.

Unholy Heights Review

You're the Devil. Presumably unsatisfied with your devious ways, you decide to buy a housing complex, and rent out rooms to the various monsters and beasts occupying the land. Of course, owning an apartment building filled with creatures will attract attention of humans, who are more than willing to prepare their lynch mobs and try to overthrow your humble establishment. Welcome to Unholy Heights. Unholy Heights is a pseudo-tower defense game combined with a hotel management sim. Simply treating it as one or the other will quickly show how you unprepared you are. You see, in order to succeed, you'll have to consider both elements, and be mindful not only that your Skeleton tenant is a great melee fighter, but also that he requires a few extra amenities in his room to make... Read Review

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