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NIER: Little Marketing, Big Impression [GrE]

A few times during each generation, a game comes along that leaves a real impression on me. Generally, these kinds of games fly under the radar. A game with no hype to its name, and no marketing push to speak of. Perhaps the game happens to be in a genre that is not considered exceptionally popular at the time. For one reason or another, one of these games ended up in my hands, and I booted it up. I expected to spend an hour, maybe two, playing the game before becoming bored and/or frustrated with its shortcomings as labeled in most mainstream reviews. For me, though, a review score does not make or break a game, and the most obvious example of a game that made an impression on me this generation is NIER. Read More


The Magic of Early 90s 3D

Over twenty years ago, video games began taking their first painful steps into 3D spaces. This was a time when Atari's memory was fading fast and the Nintendo Entertainment System was becoming the kingpin of the gaming landscape. Console gaming would spend the next several years perfecting the art of 2D gaming goodness. Words such as “Project Reality” (the Nintendo 64) would be tossed around in magazines every so often, but the simple truth was that home-based polygon video games were years away, and most of the early stuff would be crude at best thanks to limited technology. If you wanted to see the latest and greatest mind blowing 3D gaming technology, you went to arcades. Familiar names like Atari Namco and Sega were in a silent arms race to develop the best, most powerful, most badass, and most boringly titled (“System 21” and “Model 2”... really guys?) custom video game hardware known to man. 3D games were a novelty in arcades for quite some time prior. While quarter munching 2D brawlers like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men or competitive V.S. fighters like Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury were the cheap, reliable workhorses of the floor, every serious arcade operator had at least one super expensive monster 3D machine sitting in a dark corner drawing glares from mystified onlookers more accustomed to the crusty and familiar blocky image of a late gen NES title. Most of the early 3D game designs were crude and blocky, but nobody cared in the late 80s. Moving around in a 3D space with solid 3D objects floating all around you like a Weird Al music video was enough to impress back then. The hardware often ran hot and unreliably, and the cabinets were often mammoth, but they guzzled quarters like nobody's business. These were the trailblazers that tore down the walls and eventually brought 3D home. In this far removed time, outside of more mainstream brand names like Star Fox, nobody remembers these crude, flat-shaded pioneers. Let's take a look at some of the early 3D games that time forgot about... Read More


Tactics Ogre Remake Announced

The latest issue of Famitsu revealed this week that Square Enix is remaking the original Tactics Ogre for the PSP. With the top members of the original development team at the helm, it will have fundamental changes and enhancements but still try to remain faithful to the original version. The current Japanese name for the new title roughly translates to Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fate (or Fortune). It is a "rebuild" of the strategy RPG that was known in North America on the original PlayStation as Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The changes to the game go as far as alterations on the balance as well as the visual style. Read More


Update: "Coming Soon" to the PlayStation Store: Final Fantasy VIII

North American fans of Final Fantasy VIII can breathe a little easier now. After its September appearance on the Japanese PlayStation Network, Sony Computer Entertainment America kept mum about the game's prospects on our side of the ocean, while Europe was to have an October release which has since been delayed following testing problems. But that has now changed, as a recent e-mail newsletter has revealed that PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 owners alike will soon be able to relive the adventures of Squall, Rinoa, Seifer, and all the rest. The exact "when" of the matter remains undisclosed, however, as the title appears under the "Coming Soon" section, where it sits alongside District 9 for the Video Store and BUZZ! Quiz World. On the upside, at least we know they're planning for it now. Update: Actually, now word is that it's already on the PS Store. Go figure. Read More