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Unchained Blades follows the story of the dragon emperor, Fang, who after being stripped of his powers by the goddess Clunea, embarks on a journey for revenge and to regain his true form. Arrogant and vengeful, Fang is joined in his quest by a cowardly golem prince, a shy medusa priestess, a young phoenix clan maiden, and many other mythical beings seeking to meet with the goddess.

Unchained Blades Review

Unchained Blades is the latest JRPG localization from XSEED, however, for a system that is slowly dying does this game deserve your chance? Its anime aesthetic and notable work from certain people may entice but sadly that’s all it is. On paper the game’s ideas are cool and neat but the execution just isn’t there. The narrative premise in Unchained Blades is fairly simple. The dragon emperor Fang travels to a shrine of the goddess Clunea in order to find out who is the strongest being in the world. Sadly, his rude attitude causes her displeasure and in an attempt to teach Fang a lesson, she turns him into a young boy. His goal is now to have his vengeance on Clunea and along the way, people join him and follow around.  If the narrative sounded a... Read Review

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    Unchained Blades review

    Simon Chun Jul 6, 2012 | 5 Comments