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Capcom to Offer "Something Special" for People Who Buy Street Fighter IV and Super Street

Does the title sound familiar? I'm sure it does if you think about it really hard. Mass Effect 2 anybody? I had to get the obvious out of the way first. Anyone who knows anything about Mass Effect 2 or has played it knows that it adds an extra incentive to buy or play the first game then move on to the second. Capcom is looking to follow the same path with Super Street Fighter IV. The question is, are gamers going to want to buy a game they feel they already bought? Is there enough content to justify a retail release? I contacted Capcom to get a little more information, and got a few nice tidbits of info to maybe help you decide if the game is worth your hard earned cash. More info after the break Read More


Members of Street Fighter III Cast Join Super Street Fighter IV

Tylenol must love Street Fighter, since trying to wrap your head around its continuity tends to give people headaches. Case in point: we have Street Fighter III and we have Street Fighter IV, but we cannot have characters from Street Fighter III appear in SFIV because chronologically, IV comes before III. Or so one might think, anyway. Be it through convenient writing or simply through retcon (hey, they brought Gouken back already, so anything else should be easy as pie), three of Street Fighter III's roster will appear in the upcoming semi-sequel to SFIV, Super Street Fighter IV. Read More


Media: Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Update

No, Capcom didn't sneak an announcement of another version of Street Fighter IV when you weren't looking-- the title simply refers to the game's Ultra moves, which were among the new features revealed in their latest trailer a couple of days ago. On that note, our gallery has eight new screens for your enjoyment, and right here we have two new videos showing off four of these spirit-crushing maneuvers. First up, witness the fury of Adon and Ken: Oh yes, I like what I see. Ken's move looks very nice... that is, assuming I can pull off the maneuver. Check out Cody and Ryu after the cut. Read More


Media: Super Street Fighter IV - Features Trailer

Capcom has released a new trailer for Super Street Fighter IV which reveals a number of new features, tweaks, and additions for the second coming of what many consider to be the best fighting game of 2009. "One-inch punch, Mecha-Zangief, Shadaloo Cammy, and the mother of all shoryukens" await in the video below, as well as the long-rumored Ultra Combos: Video Games | Super Street Fighter IV | Exclusive Features TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Personally, I'm looking forward to the rival battles-- particularly if they are integrated into the story mode, not unlike what was included in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Each character having their own mid- and final bosses and unique interactions with them definitely adds replay value, to say nothing of further incentive to try characters you might not have otherwise. Read More