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UFC Undisputed 3 takes you inside the Octagon, delivering intense UFC action focused on brutal toe-to-toe combat, impressive visual presentation, increased accessibility and raw fight emotion. UFC Undisputed 3 ups the intensity with the addition of PRIDE Mode, a brand new submission system, new ways to finish the fight and increased accessibility through both traditional and simplified gameplay controls that, along with significant enhanced visuals, new camera positions and personalized fighter entrances, let you step right inside the Octagon.

UFC Undisputed 3 Review

Founded in 1993, Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) has become one of the most recognized sports in today's culture. The intense action began with likes of Rorion Gracie and John Milius mixing several different fighting styles into one heart-throbbing competition. Its popularity has skyrocketed since, reaching all sorts of demographics, including gamers. The UFC Undisputed series has cashed in on the sport's success, and despite 2010's disappointment, UFC Undisputed 3 was anticipated by many to be the next "big thing" in videogames. Insane knockouts and bone-crushing submissions are back, but do they coexist with a fantastic title, or another dud by THQ?  For those unfamiliar with the sport, its vicious style is mixed with a... Read Review

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