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Twisted Metal, the longest running franchise in PlayStation history and the multi-million selling series is now back, exclusively on the PS3 system. David Jaffe and Scott Campbell, co-founders of Eat Sleep Play and the original creative team behind Twisted Metal, bring back the dark humor, fast-action gameplay and a world of cars, guns and destruction. With four factions battling for control, players step into the combat boots of a twisted disciple in a high octane, highly destructible world. Players fight for the prize of one wish fulfilled by the stylishly evil Calypso, the mastermind behind the Twisted Metal tournament. Disciples strategically dismantle opponents in vehicles loaded with weapons of Twisted destruction. With a robust online system, players unleash destruction with up to 16 players through PlayStation®Network (“PSN”) and battle through a variety of favorite and new game modes. Twisted Metal carved out its own unique gaming genre. No other title has Twisted Metal’s perfect mix of dark humor and personality along with massive destruction in a distinctive atmosphere and vehicles and weapons that act as extensions of each character.

Twisted Metal Review

Twisted Metal has been delighting action fans in one form or another over the last 16 years, so why would David Jaffe, the original producer, change the status quo?  Sure, some folks may complain about how the general formula of “drive around and shoot everything that moves” doesn’t change, but those are the fundamentals that the series is based on in the first place.  Why alienate from that?  And besides, the new Twisted Metal, which just launched a few days ago, does bring a little change to its formula, though the idea of blasting a car to bits with homing missiles and special modified weapons — coming from an ice cream truck — never gets old.  At least, not in my eyes. The game, once again, has the diabolical Calypso holding... Read Review

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