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Activision Announces Jurassic: The Hunted...We're Surprised Too

Today, Activision announced Jurassic: The Hunted, a new FPS being developed by Cauldron for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii. It's set to launch on November 3, and will be budget priced at $39.99, $29.99 on PS2. Okay, hold on a minute. A shooter where you fight dinosaurs, and Activision is only announcing it a few weeks before release? How can a game like this not be the greatest thing ev...oh wait. Turok. Right. Read More


Media: New Ghostbusters Screens, Boxart, and Developer Diary

Atari has released a batch of new screenshots for each version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, including the more elusive DS and Wii versions. Plus, we've added the boxart for your viewing enjoyment, and last but not least, keep reading for the team's latest development diary about the game's multiplayer features. Read More


CodeMasters Wants More Jasons

"Jason" is not a bad name, and seems to be one of the more popular male names in the US. However, in the UK, it's another story, and one that Codemasters seeks to change. Following in the footsteps of Acclaim*, who prior to its demise became famous for PR missteps such as offering to buy ad space on tombstones and paying parents to name their newborn children "Turok", the company seeks to promote its title "Rise of the Argonauts" by getting UK parents to name their children "Jason." Read More


Turok - PC - Review

Turok began as an N64 hit years ago capturing audiences with it over-the-top action and borderline ridiculous guns that gave every video-gamer the ad Read More


Sony Discontinuing Old SIXAXIS Controller, Releases List of PS3 Games that Support the DualShock 3

With the DualShock 3 finally hitting North American shelves next week, Sony has announced via MTV Multiplayer that it will be discontinuing the SIXAXIS controller. A company spokesperson told the blog that the old PS3 controller will be long gone by this summer. Sony has also released a list of all PlayStation 3 software that will support rumble when using the DualShock 3, as seen after the jump. Read More


Turok - 360 - Review

Turok was a real kick in the pants on the Nintendo 64, arguably one of that system's top games and the second incarnation on the original Xbox was, h Read More


Turok - PS3 - Review

Last year was certainly a stellar one for first-person shooters on the PlayStation 3 thanks to a number of well-rounded and smashingly entertaining t Read More