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Activision kills Guitar Hero and True Crime: Hong Kong in one fell swoop

Ooh baby, it has not been a nice day for developers. After news that Hudson Entertainment has closed, we've got an announcement from Activision that plans for a new Guitar Hero in 2011 have been canceled, that the Guitar Hero division has been closed, that True Crime: Hong Kong has been canceled, and that the developer for DJ Hero, FreeStyleGames has been hit with layoffs. The Tony Hawk franchise will also see some cuts, so don't expect anything from them. A total of seven percent has been laid off from the company Ouch. All of this was announced during a conference call yesterday morning. According to Activision, the company has seen a drop in net profits, as well as a 20 percent increase in digital distribution profits. Additionally, Activision will focus on the Call of Duty brand, as well on licensed titles. It's an unfortunate day for everyone involved (well, except for Activision and Bobby Kotick. They'll do just fine), and we wish those laid off the best. Read More


True Crime Gains Subtitle, Loses 2010 Release Date

  Those anticipating United Front Games' reboot of Activision's True Crime series have a little longer to wait, as the publisher confirmed on an earnings call that the title has been officially pushed back to 2011. The game was previously scheduled for a 2010 release, after it debuted at last year's Spike Video Game Awards. However, despite the delay, the game also gained a new moniker. Now entitled True Crime: Hong Kong, the game's move to 2011 may actually help it in the long run. Read More


Former Activsion Employees Say Company Doesn\'t Want Female Heroes

Gaming's had its fair share of female protagonists, and ladies like Samus Aran, Joanna Dark and Lara Croft have shown that girls definitely know how to kick ass. However, it appears that Activision doesn't think there's room for any more female heroes, going so far as to allegedly create an unwritten rule that says women can't star as the main protagonist in any of the company's games. The report comes from Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander, who claims that after speaking at length with several former Activision employees a sinister story began to emerge. It seems that there's a company-wide policy that girls can't carry games, so they should be relegated to the sidelines. More after the break. Read More


E3 2010: True Crime Preview

The True Crime series achieved some degree of success, but never really took off the way some people expected it to. Now, United Front Games and Activision are bringing the series back, and are calling it a franchise reboot. I got a chance to sit through a presentation of the title at E3 yesterday, and I learned that True Crime takes place in Hong Kong, as players take on the role of undercover detective Wei Shen. Shen was born in Hong Kong, then moved to San Francisco, and finally moved back to Hong Kong. After joining the police force in Hong Kong, he's tasked with infiltrating a Triad organization, and that's where this story begins. Hit the jump to see what you can look forward to in True Crime. Read More


Go Undercover in True Crime Next Fall

Activision Publishing, Inc. announced recently that gamers can expect to go undercover with the Triad crime syndicates in the newest installment of the True Crime series in Fall 2010. Developed by United Front Games, True Crime is an open-world game that places the player in the role of detective Wei Shen as he enters the Triad as a newly-hired thug. Read More