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Tropico 3 News


Weekly Wrap-Up 9/23/11

Another week, another round of reviews, previews, and editorial content right here on GameZone. Check out all of the latest features of the past week Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/1/11

It's been a busy week here at GameZone. This week was packed with reviews, previews, and editorial content, so we're not going to be upset if you mis Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

The First Templar

Kalypso and Haemimont Games have a good relationship going. Kalypso, normally known for budget titles and odd simulation games on the PC, have substa Read More

Ben PerLee Mar 9, 2011 | Comments

Tropico 4

There was a lot to love about Tropico 3. Developer Haemimont and publisher Kalypso worked hard to revive the franchise that died in 2003, and the end Read More

Ben PerLee Mar 8, 2011 | Comments

Kalypso Goes Medieval

Kalypso wants to take you back to a time when there were knights fought evil mythical creatures and spells were easily learned by reading an ancient Read More

Raychul Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Tropico 3 hitting US 360s on February 16th

Tropico 3 hitting US 360s on February 16th

The paradise island city-building game Tropico 3 from developer Haemimont Games will be hitting 360s in the US on February 16th. For the unfamiliar Tropico 3 is a city-management game that puts the player in the role of "El Presidente." El Presidente is the newly elected leader of a tropical island that is strategically important to the USSR and USA during the Cold War. He will have to balance his relationship with both of the super powerful nations, while maintaining his own economy. If the island becomes too capitalistic and touristy, then the USSR will launch an attack. On the other hand, if El Presidente turns into a commie, then the USA will cut off aid. This is another game that is attempting to cram PC gameplay and control onto the 360. The previous efforts have had varying levels of success (Civilization Revolution - Good / Battle for Middle Earth - Not So much), but it is good to see that the publishers keep trying. Read More

kombo Jan 28, 2010 | Comments