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A king will die at the hands of his own offspring, reads the prophecy of Chancellor Zofor. King Balor fears this most of all... According to myth, the continent of Vyashion as well as the physical world was created by a god called Notoon. Although the continent’s peoples universally worship Notoon, their shared faith has failed to bring unity. Vyashion’s many races, from human to elf and vampire have maintained an uneasy peace amongst each other.

Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Review

Tecmo Koei, most notably known for their Dynasty and Samurai Warrior series, do two things very well: over-stylizing Asian history and churning out annual hack 'n' slashers. This time, however, instead of basing a game off a historical time period, they decided to make a story-centric RPG that focuses less on the number of characters you can amass and more on three individuals and their intertwining story. Trinity Souls of Zill O'll is largely a story of revenge that centers around a young half-human, half-elf named Areus. As a child, his father was slain by the evil Lord Balor due to a prophecy that said he would die by the hands of his grandson. His plan to stop the prophecy goes awry, of course, as Areus survives and grows intent on one day killing the man that... Read Review

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    Trinity Souls of Zill O'll Review

    Mike Splechta Feb 13, 2011