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Trine 2: Director's Cut Review

Yes, yes, it’s true. The original version of Frozenbyte’s 2D fantasy co-op action puzzler Trine 2 came out about a year ago. Back then, it was praised for it’s incredibly rich detailed settings, beautiful graphics, and intuitive gameplay. The co-op never seemed forced and in fact enhanced the experience. It was a good game. A year on, the Wii U wanted to launch its eShop strong, and so what better way to do it than bringing in a game that already knocked all the critics dead a year ago? Of course, the risk is that we’ve seen it all before, and there’s nothing very exciting about releasing an old game a year later on a new console at full price. Luckily, this isn’t your daddy’s Trine 2. Instead, Frozenbyte has given us Trine 2:... Read Review