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Trials HD for Xbox 360

Trials HD


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Trials HD is a full-featured, physics-based motorcycle racing game with over 50 mind-boggling tracks in two unique game modes. Race Mode emphasizes balance, skill, and control as you tackle indoor obstacle tracks. Skill Mode features extreme stunt tracks in which explosions, crashes, and injuries cannot be avoided. A level editor enables players to create, share and download an unlimited number of free tracks. The game features stunning full HD graphics, rider customization, unlockable bikes, global rankings, all new in-game friend scores, and many other fun features. Can you handle the bruises and broken bones�and take part in a truly unique racing experience?

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Big Thrills in Store for Trials HD

Trials HD is finally seeing its second DLC release, the Big Thrills pack. For a mere 400 MSP, you will get the following:•3 New Achievements •50

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Black Friday Deals on Xbox Live

Starting today and running through to the 29th, Xbox Live will be rolling back the prices on certain titles:Xbox 360 Games on Demand “Grand Theft A

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