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Trenched "Iron Brigade" Cheats


Trophy Xbox 360


African Allies (5) Defeated the Guardian of the Southern Terminal with 2 or more players.
Bandolier of Brothers (5) Completed a mission with 4 players.
Battle Buds (20) Completed 10 Missions with 2 or more players.
Big Spender (5) Purchased an item in the store.
Bronze Star (15) Earned a Bronze Medal on every mission.
Conscientious Objector (5) Completed a solo mission without firing a shot.
European Entourage (5) Defeated the Northern Pylon with 2 or more players.
Farnsworth Finisher (10) Defeated Vlad.
Medal of Honor (30) Earned a Gold Medal on every mission.
Mobile Trench Recruit (5) Completed Mobile Trench training.
Monovision Massacre (15) Defeated 3500 Monovisions.
Pacific Partnership (5) Defeated Vlad with 2 or more players.
Pounder (5) Destroyed 5 Enemies with a single explosion.
Pylon Pillager (10) Defeated the Northern Pylon.
Rainmaker (10) Earned $20,000 from mission completion rewards.
Razputin (5) Completed a mission while wearing the uniform of an elite PSI agent.
Scrap Snatcher (10) Collected 10,000 Scrap.
Silver Star (20) Earned a Silver Medal on every mission.
Terminal Terminator (10) Defeated the Guardian of the Southern Terminal.
Trickshooter (5) Killed an enemy with a ricochet sniper shot after 4 bounces.