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Trax for PC


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Trax (TM) is a 2 player game invented by David Smith, a New Zealander. It is a game like chess, one player is white the other one is black. There are 5 simple rules: 1.TRAX is played with identical square tiles on which sections of black and white track join adjacent edges on one side and opposite edges on the other side. 2.Two players determine by prior agreement who shall be represented by each coloured track. 3.The game is won by the player whose track forms a loop or a line. (a) during that player's completed turn or b) during an opponent's completed turn in which the opponent's track does not also form a loop or a line. 4.A loop is a continuous path of track that connects with itself. 5.A line is a continuous path of track that connects opposite and outermost edges of the tiles in play, over at least 8 rows of tiles, across or down.