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ESRB Details Unveil many of Heavy Rain's Surprises

Heavy Rain is rated M for Mature, no big surprises there. However, the reason as to why the game earned this rating is full of them. The ESRB's highly detailed game description contains a number of Heavy Rain's surprises and will certainly spoil the game for some. Hit the cut to read the detailed description, but be aware, what is about to follow is riddled with spoilers. Read More


Atlus Considering Trauma Center for More Platforms?

Dr. Atlus: Nurse! There's something important I have to tell you in melodramatic fashion. Nurse Angie: Oh, doctor! Dr. Atlus: I was wondering...if you'd like to... Nurse Angie: Yes, doctor? Dr. Atlus: Move to other platforms? Stat! Nurse Angie: Gasp! SLAP! Atlus is shopping around a Trauma Center survey that asks about the series in general. They want to know your likes, dislikes, and everything else in-between. Atlus also asks if gamers would like to see Trauma Center jump to another platform. -- Go Nintendo Trauma Center is currently exclusive to Nintendo platforms. The Under the Knife series has spanned two games on the Nintendo DS, and Atlus has released two excellent Trauma Center titles for Wii: the launch title Second Opinion and 2007's stellar New Blood. Atlus rewarded fans who completed the survey with an illustration of a scantily clad Nurse Angie. And really, is there any better incentive to complete a survey than a drawing of a busty cartoon nurse? Read More


Trauma Center Sequel Transplanted to DS This Summer

The Trauma Center saga is returning this summer to the DS, where it originated. It comes after the series took a sidestep onto the Wii with Trauma Center: Second Opinion, a remake of the original DS game; and Trauma Center: New Blood, an indirect sequel with a new cast and a bevy of new features. Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is a brand new entry in the series, hoping to deliver the same brutal doctor simulation/puzzle gameplay of previous titles. Touted as a direct sequel to the first, Dr. Derek Stiles returns, with faithful Nurse Angie Thompson at his side. An improved tool utility, along with a new "easy-play mode" will be featured. Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is tentatively set to release July 1st, 2008. Read More