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Based on Paramount Pictures upcoming feature film, Transformers: The Game lets gamers choose to play as either Autobots or Decepticons and experience the unstoppable power and massive scale of their favorite robots in disguise as they choose to protect or destroy Earth. Players must master each character

Transformers: The Game Cheats

Barricade Complete the Game
Blackout Complete the Game
Bonecrusher Complete the Game
Brawl Complete the Game
Megatron Complete the Game
Mixmaster Complete the Game
Shockwave Complete the Game
Starscream Complete the Game
Swindle Complete the Game
Thundercracker Complete the Game
Dreadwing Complete the Game
Dropkick Complete the Game
Longarm Complete the Game
Bumblebee Complete the Game.
Hoist Complete the Game.
Hound Complete the Game.
Ironhide Complete the Game
Jazz Complete the Game.
Optimus Prime Complete the Game.
Ratchet Complete the Game.
Sideswipe Complete the Game.
Trailbreaker Complete the Game.
Wheeljack Complete the Game.


Air Traffic Destroyer (25) Starscream's power knows no bounds. The airbase's defenses are obsolete.
Air Traffic Destroyer Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in the Airbase
Batter Up (10) Find a bat and make your enemy fly.
Could You Describe the Ruckus? (25) Bumblebee caused a disturbance in order to escape the Hoover Dam with the AllSpark.
Downtown Defender (25) The Last Stand has been made. There's only one thing left to do…
Downtown Defender Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in Autobot City.
Downtown Demolisher (25) The city is in ruins. There's only one thing left to do…
Downtown Demolisher Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in the Decepticon City
Finish this Planet (50) Optimus and the Autobots are but a memory. Earth is yours.
I know Kung-Fu (30) You are quite skilled Grasshoppa. Perform 1000 punches.
Keeper of the AllSpark (75) There is no Transformer that stands greater than you. You have achieved 100% completion.
Land Shark (10) The enemy can't hit you if they can't see you. Spend 2 minutes underground.
Look to the Stars (50) Megatron and the Decepticons are finished. Earth is safe...for now…
Mad Skillz (40) You are skilled beyond belief. Achieved all Skill items on all levels.
Neighborhood Watch Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in the suburbs
Neighourhood Watch (25) You continued your defense in The Suburbs as Jazz and Optimus Prime.
Pit Crew (10) Use a large tire to harm your enemy.
Pride of Brawl (15) Your destruction comes naturally as a Decepticon. Achieved full Destruction Skill.
Pride of Bumblebee (60) You've scouted the world thoroughly. All the secret icons have been collected.
Pride of Ironhide (15) You are the epitome of an Autobot. Achieved full Heroic Skill.
Pride of Megatron (20) 200 Autobot Drones have fallen before you.
Pride of Optimus Prime (20) 200 Decepticon Drones have met their match.
Ring-A-Ding-Ding (10) Dial up some pain for your enemy. Use the Helio phone as a weapon.
Robots in Disguise (25) You've transformed 500 times.
Root of all Evil (15) You take pride in destroying your enemies. Achieved full Evil Skill.
Sand Blaster (25) The humans have much to fear. Qatar is destroyed.
Sand Blaster Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in Qatar Desert.
Sharp Shooter (40) You're destructive and efficient. Complete Airbase Chapter 3 with more than 2:30 minutes remaining.
Shot Putter (15) You've sent objects flying. Achieved full Throw Skill.
Sideways Motion (15) You can handle turns with ease. Achieved full Slide Skill.
Speed Demon (15) You've really burned rubber. Achieved full Speed Skill.
Suburban Hero (25) Bumblebee helped protect Sam in The Suburbs.
Suburban Hero Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in The Suburbs
Suburban Scourge (25) The Autobots fall before you. The Suburbs are done for.
Suburban Scourge Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in The Hunt for Sam Witwicky
The Ruckus? Challenger (20) Completed all challenge sub-missions in Inside Hoover Dam
Transform and Roll Out (10) You've transformed for the first time.
Turbo? We don’t need no turbo! (30) You've got a lead foot and it shows. Complete Hoover Internal Chapter 2 without using boost.
We Don't Need Roads (15) Who needs roads when you can fly through the air? Achieved full Jump Skill.
Weapon Systems Inactive (20) Your enemy knows the might of your fist. Complete Suburbs Chapter 1 using only melee attacks.
What Challenge? (10) You have handled a challenge with ease. Complete your first Challenge sub-mission.
Wrong Way! (15) You're living dangerously. Ram 250 Cars.



G1 Megatron Collect all the Transformer Shields in the Decepticons story mode
G1 Optimus Prime (Cartoon Model) Find all the Autobot faction symbols during the Autobot campaign.
G1 Robo-vision Optimus Finish the Autobot campaign.
Jazz G1 Repaint Complete all of the "challenge" sub-missions in both autobot and decepticon campaigns.
Starscream G1 repaint Complete Decepticon story mode.


G1 Megatron D L L D R R U
G1 Prime D R L U D D L
Generation 1 Skin Jazz L U D D L U R
Generation 1 Skin Optimus Prime D D U U R R R
Generation 1 Skin Starscream R D L L D U U
Infinite Health - Invincible L L U L R D R
No Ammo Reload U,D,L,R,U,U,D
No Military or Police R L R L R L R
Unlock All mission including 2 special mission D U L R R R U D
Unlocks the two Cybertron missions. R U U D R L L