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Cheats for Transformers: The Game

Unlockable Decepticons

  • All platforms
  • Unlock
Barricade Complete the Game
Blackout Complete the Game
Bonecrusher Complete the Game
Brawl Complete the Game
Megatron Complete the Game
Mixmaster Complete the Game
Shockwave Complete the Game
Starscream Complete the Game
Swindle Complete the Game
Thundercracker Complete the Game

Unlockable Decepticon Droids

  • All platforms
  • Unlock
Dreadwing Complete the Game
Dropkick Complete the Game
Longarm Complete the Game

Unlockable Autobots

  • All platforms
  • Unlock
Bumblebee Complete the Game.
Hoist Complete the Game.
Hound Complete the Game.
Ironhide Complete the Game
Jazz Complete the Game.
Optimus Prime Complete the Game.
Ratchet Complete the Game.
Sideswipe Complete the Game.
Trailbreaker Complete the Game.
Wheeljack Complete the Game.


  • All platforms
  • unlock
G1 Megatron Collect all the Transformer Shields in the Decepticons story mode
G1 Optimus Prime (Cartoon Model) Find all the Autobot faction symbols during the Autobot campaign.
G1 Robo-vision Optimus Finish the Autobot campaign.
Jazz G1 Repaint Complete all of the "challenge" sub-missions in both autobot and decepticon campaigns.
Starscream G1 repaint Complete Decepticon story mode.


  • All platforms
  • code
G1 Megatron D L L D R R U
G1 Prime D R L U D D L
Generation 1 Skin Jazz L U D D L U R
Generation 1 Skin Optimus Prime D D U U R R R
Generation 1 Skin Starscream R D L L D U U
Infinite Health - Invincible L L U L R D R
No Ammo Reload U,D,L,R,U,U,D
No Military or Police R L R L R L R
Unlock All mission including 2 special mission D U L R R R U D
Unlocks the two Cybertron missions. R U U D R L L