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More Than a Game

For many gamers who play not only every week, but everyday, getting video games isn’t a big deal.  If you want something you go out and buy it, plain and simple.  The same is true for many casual gamers, since a majority of their income is not spent on game accessories or consoles.  It's not an outlandish concept, but as we adults grow older, the less magic there is when we buy something new. Most of us probably think of "How long is it going to last me? What defects are in it? Will I even get my money out of it?"  But I was very briefly reminded on a hot and humid summer night, how much magic a video game can bring. No, not this magic Read More

original PS3 Gold Box and Deals for Xbox 360, DS

Amazon has whipped up another video game-themed Gold Box today, with the item of the day being Assassin's Creed II for $39.78, 34 percent off the regular price of $59.99. So far, all deals on Grand Theft Auto IV and inFamous have been claimed, but there are still several more hints which have yet to be revealed for the rest of the day. 11am PST's hint says "Get ready to rumble in this wrestling blockbuster," leading me to believe it would be WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010. 1pm PST says "Fight as you favorite Jedi or clone troopers," which obviously narrows it down. Read More


PSN Update a Day Late in the US

For the first time ever, a Playstation Store North American Thursday update didn't arrive on Thursday, but was mysteriously delayed to Friday morning. Sony has given no word on the cause, but the amount of content offered in this update may justify the delay for some. Most shocking is the amount of full playable content offered in this update – three PSOne games, four demos, and a PSN game. Usually the North American store is lucky to get a single PSOne game while the Japanese store alternatively usually gets four-to-six PSOne games a week. Those PSOne games are Tomb Raider 2, Cool Boarders 2, and SimCity 2000 – all for $5.99 each. The demos are for the new FEAR 2 campaign called "Reborn," WET, DiRT 2, and NHL 10. The full game is The Legend of Han Tao at $14.99. Read More


Play Against Megan Fox on Xbox LIVE this Saturday

If you've been looking for a really bad reason to spend your money on a game, this is it. In an effort to promote the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen videogame and its latest Character and Map Pack Plus DLC, Hollywood starlet Megan Fox is being wheeled out onto Xbox LIVE this Saturday, August 29, at 3:00pm PDT for a few rounds of multiplayer with eager, presumably sweaty-palmed males. Fox will be appearing under the Gamertag: "Megan Fox 2009", so if you want to secure your two minutes of virtual non-interaction, be sure to get there 30 minutes early and send her a friend request. A few lucky players will receive invites, then maybe they'll all go out for a bite to eat, some wine, and who knows where things will go from there.... Okay, that's not actually going to happen. Check out for the full details, and remember, you'll need to own the Character and Map Pack Plus DLC to be able to participate. Available Thursday, August 27, the new DLC includes "Generation One" Transformer characters as well as returning characters from the movie, new multiplayer maps, an Expert difficulty mode, and Achievement and Trophy support, all for $9.99. Read More


Media: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - DLC Launch Trailer

Last week, we showed off Activision's new DLC for TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen, which features a number of new characters (so to speak) in the form of Generation 1 body types, weapons, transformations, etc. And this week, they've revealed a trailer to get fans of the oldschool a little more excited: Video Games | Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen | Exclusive DLC Launch TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Since Activision has said that they don't have plans for making a Generation 1 game as part of their efforts to turn TransFormers into a yearly franchise, I suppose that this is as close as we're going to get to the original robots in disguise waging battle. Read More


Keith David, Kevin McKidd, and More Join Cast of Modern Warfare 2

Some good news for you Modern Warfare warriors out there, as it looks like some real talent are lending their voices to the upcoming Modern Warfare 2. Or, at least, that's the impression that I get. I'll be honest: offhand, I don't know who these guys are. I even had to look up who Glenn Morshower played in "TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen," and you guys know what a TransFormers fan I am, I'm sure. (Turns out, it was the aptly-named General Morshower. Now don't I feel silly?) Nonetheless, Kotaku seems rather stoked by the casting. Read More


Media: TransFormers: RoTF DLC - "No One Would Follow an Uncharismatic Bore Like You!"

"Hey, no one calls Soundwave 'un-cruzamatic'!" "Yeah, let's kick tailgate!" And so begins Activision's DLC assault on TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen owners. But, Soundwave is not alone; an old yet all-too-familiar face is also ready to join the fray. He'll run you down, fill you full of holes, and light your darkest hour. But, after all is said and done, who could it be? Find out after the cut! Read More