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Help Optimus Prime and the AUTOBOTS join forces with human friends Jack, Miko and Raf to save the Earth from Megatron and his new secret weapon. Play as one of your favorite AUTOBOT characters including BUMBLEBEE and BULKHEAD as you battle through unique vistas around the world to help defeat the DECEPTICONS.  

Transformers Prime Review

Before we start, yes, Transformers Prime, out now from Nowpro and Activision, is an adaptation of a popular TV cartoon that’s been released under the same exact name for every last Nintendo console in existence, with little to no difference in basic content between each, despite the vast differences between the machines they’re played on. Yes, I will acknowledge that this a horrible formula for success, and yes, most games in this category are not only terrible but actually diminish the video game itself as a form of entertainment, but, defiantly, Transformers Prime does not suck. In fact, it’s pretty darn good for what it is; surprisingly so, even. As far as what it actually consists of, it’s just your basic-but-very-well-executed 3rd person run and... Read Review

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