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  • DS
  • unlock
Funky Bus Connect to the Allspark Wars server for the first time
Gunner 750 WiFi Tokens
Infinite Energy Cheat Get 100% Completion
Infinite Energy Cheat 1000 WiFi Tokens
Longhorn 250 WiFi Tokens
Maintenance Beat the game
Psycho Cars Cheat 500 WiFi Tokens
Skydive Download at Target
SkyDive 2500 Wi-Fi Points
Super Jump Cheat 2000 WiFi Tokens
Top/Down View Cheat 3000 WiFi Tokens
Transport 1500 WiFi Tokens

Play as Autobots in Free Play

  • DS
  • unlock

Complete the story to unlock Optimus Prime, Jazz, Wratchet, Bumblebee and Ironhide in Free play mode.

Armageddon Cheat

  • DS
  • unlock

Unlock this cheat by beating story mode once. This cheat enables anything to explode.

Health Regeneration

  • DS
  • unlock

Get your custom Transformer to lvl. 20 and you will unlock health regen. This means your health will slowly regenerate over time and looking for those health pickups will be no more of a problem.

Free Wanted Level and Have Full Health

  • DS
  • unlock

While in Free play, press start, go to "Vehicle Form", then select "confirm". Now, when you exit this, you will have full health and your wanted level will be down to zero once more.