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Three months after the battle to prevent another Awakening...  The village of Utakata enjoys an uneasy peace.  However, that peace is suddenly rendered rudely asunder.  Hitherto unknown Oni appear from the north, ripping the defenses of the Midlands to shreds. 

Toukiden Kiwami Review

Toukiden: The Age of Demons is a Vita game I very much enjoyed, despite its unabashed Monster Hunter inspiration. It retained a lot of the gameplay elements that make the monster hunting genre so addicting, but instead offered more fast paced combat. While I expected Sony to push out Soul Sacrifice Delta to the PS4 instead, you know, being one of the best Vita games available, apparently Toukiden: Kiwami made the cut much quicker. One of my biggest complains with most games on the Vita, is that I wish the controls felt better. It's not that the Vita has particularly terrible controls per se, but they're nowhere near as comfortable as the DualShock 4 for instance. Kiwami, being on the PS4 now, alleviates this issue for me. But it's much more than a simple port of the... Read Review

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    Toukiden: Kiwami Review

    Mike Splechta Mar 31, 2015