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Media: Konami Reveals Tornado Outbreak with Screens and Trailers

Back when the first bits of Kojima's infamous teaser began to appear, I was admittedly naive enough to believe that he might actually be working on something that wasn't Metal Gear. Well, we all know by now just how wrong I turned out to be. Only, not entirely. Knowing that Kojima was something of a movie buff, I thought, in light of the teaser, that perhaps one film that might have inspired him elsewhere could have been Twister, or perhaps something similar. And with that, I thought that his new game could involve tornadoes. Video Games | Tornado Outbreak | E3 09: Debut TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Well, as luck would have it, Konami is doing a game about tornadoes, but without Kojima, it would seem. And rather than chasing them, you actually get to control them. Read More