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With masked Fox 2 button, 7 programmable buttons, 8-way hat-switch, and a rubber-textured grip that will give you complete freedom to take on even the most challenging Ace, the Top Gun

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The camera zooms for a tight shot on the pilot’s face. Eyes narrow, as his concentration becomes a laser beam. Quick cut shows his gloved hand, battling the flight stick, trying to track the enemy. Cut to the view from the cockpit. The HUD (heads-up display) is jumping all over the place as man and plane seek to lock-up the enemy plane. Suddenly the locking display changes color. “I’m taking the shot!” the pilot’s voice, stern and deadly, crackles through the radio. Cut to his hand, as his thumb darts up to flip a cover on the top of the flight stick. Below lies another button. Instinct tells the viewer this is a special button, and to press it means horrible destruction. The... Read Review

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