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Tony Hawk: RIDE features a wireless skateboard controller designed in conjunction with the game to offer a dynamic gaming experience built from the ground up. Using a combination of accelerometers and motion sensors, the intuitive controller allows players to physically control the action by performing various movements and gestures on the board that directly translate into amazing tricks in the game. Without complex button combinations or analog sticks, gamers of all skill levels can literally step on the board and play!

Tony Hawk: RIDE Review

Put down that handheld controller and get off the couch! You've talked the talk, but can you skate the walk? For the past decade, the Tony Hawk franchise has innovated and often defined the ‘board’ genre of video-games. Tony Hawk RIDE is no exception, but – in many ways – it takes the genre in a completely new direction and opens up the opportunity to expand the concept of board-controlled gaming to other genres. In the past, the Tony Hawk games put controllers in the hands of gamers that tied in to the tricks. Players were tasked to string together combos through multiple button presses. Well, that is truly a thing of the past. The key to RIDE is the new controller, which is a wireless board that sits on the ground. You begin the experience by... Read Review

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