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Put down that handheld controller and get off the couch! You've talked the talk, but can you skate the walk? For the past decade, the Tony Hawk franchise has innovated and often defined the ‘board’ genre of video-games. Tony Hawk RIDE is no exception, but – in many ways – it takes the genre in a completely new direction and opens up the opportunity to expand the... Read Review

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Skate 3 Dated, Final Pro Skater Roster Revealed and More

This years big skateboarding hit shall be heading to your local game shop on May 11th, so get ready to scrape up some cash and pre-order or do whatever it is you do when your favorite franchise game is released every year. It seems Black Box and EA are looking to make Skate a yearly franchise indeed, with the recent failure from Tony Hawk known as Ride it would be stupid for them not to continue dominating the skateboarding genre. With such a gimmicky feeling game and peripheral Tony Hawk was doomed from the start (sorry Tony), making Skate the go-to series for the last few years for skateboarding fans young and old. Talking with one of the Skate developers he mentioned hearing from a few of the pros in their game that Tony Hawk's own son plays Skate instead of his father's games, now that is funny. For the final pro roster and more about the game hit the cut Read More

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Skate 3 Preview

Most will agree that Tony Hawk: Ride didns job much easier when developing the third iteration of the Skate franchise. They didnt let this get to the Read More


Why'd: Activision Announces New Tony Hawk Game with Board Controller

To borrow a cliché, Tony Hawk games were once the bomb, but Tony Hawk Ride simply bombed. The cause is attributed to the skateboard-like peripheral required to play the game, which some feel ruined an otherwise good game. As such, one can only imagine the looks on the faces of Activision's investors when they were told during the company's earnings call yesterday that not only were they releasing a new Tony Hawk game later this year, but that it too would include the peripheral. Chief Executive Officer Mike Griffith noted that "It took longer to optimize the hardware, leaving less time to optimize the software," meaning that in theory, they should have more time to make a better game with the board. No doubt that one of the only people who liked Ride, Tony Hawk himself, is elated by this news. Read More


Tony Hawk Isn't Done Yet

Everyone remember standardized tests in high school? Finish this analogy: kryptonite :: Superman as Tony Hawk: Ride :: __________. If you answered with the Tony Hawk franchise you are apparently wrong. Hawk recently revealed via Twitter that he's already met with Robomodo about their next collaborative project. This just proves the adage that it doesn't matter how bad a product is as long as it sells. Tony Hawk: Ride, which was flayed by the gaming press, aimed at taking the skateboarding genre forward with its innovative skateboard peripheral. While the NPD reported that the $120 game/peripheral sold 114,000 copies in the U.S. in a little more than two weeks, consumers quickly found the game's price dropping to around $70 shortly after. Speaking on the next collaboration, Hawk said that the prospects are, "already much better than I expected." Read More


Nine Year Old Killed While Playing His PlayStation

A 9-year-old boy was killed Saturday, Jan. 3 in Harlem after playing a Tony Hawk video game with his 25-year-old friend, according to the NY Daily News. Anthony Maldonado died when Alejandro Morales allegedly stabbed the boy numerous times in the chest. It is unknown why the murder took place. Maldonado was at his uncle's Harlem apartment when the incident occurred at approximately 3:30 a.m. According to the family, Maldonado was in the fourth grade, loved skateboarding and was "ecstatic" about receiving a PlayStation for Christmas. Read More


Tony Hawk: Critics Not Giving "Ride" a Chance

Tony Hawk: Ride has been out for a few weeks now, and it seems that Activision's $120 gamble has not exactly been a critical darling, with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version scoring a 48 on Metacritic while the Wii version does a little better at 61. And this displeases the skateboarding legend. Read More