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Cheats for Tomb Raider: Underworld


  • PS3
  • code
Bullet Proof Lara Hold L2. X, R2, Triangle, R2, Square, L1
One Shot Kills Hold L2. Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, L1, Circle
Shows Enemys Health Hold L2. Square, Circle, X, L1, R2, Triangle

Unlockable Extras

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Laras Bathing Suit Complete the game on any dificulty setting and this becoms unlocked in treasure Hunt mode when you revisit the Mediterranean Sea Expedition.
Treasure Hunt Mode Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Treasure Hunt mode which allows you to revisit all levels to claim treasures/relics missed through storm

Pushbuton Codes

  • Xbox 360
  • code
Invincibility. (Hold LT) A, RT, Y, RT, X, LB
Level Clear (You have to enter the code every time you want to do this) (Hold LT) Y, L (push L stick down), B, RB, X
Nuclear Wave (To use: Press LB wile holding RT to emit) (Hold LT) X, Y, RB, A, B, LB, X
One shot kill. (Hold LT) Y, A, Y, X, LB, B
Show enemy health numerically. (Hold LT) X, B, A, LB, RT, Y
Stage Section Clear (You have to enter the code every time you want to do this) (Hold LT) RB, Y, A, A, B, RB
Swim Dart (To use: Swim and do what you would normally to swim faster) (Hold LT) A, RB, LB, RT, X, Y