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Rumor: Next Tomb Raider to Feature Multiplayer?

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the next Tomb Raider, but a job posting on Gamasutra by Crystal Dynamics might shed some light on at least one aspect of the game. They don't call the game by name, but the ad says they are "looking for a talented, innovative lead designer on future AAA title development for XBox 360 and PS3," which fits the bill. It goes on to note that "[t]he candidate we're looking for will have current multiplayer, systems and technical experience and excels in highly collaborative, team environments." Read More


Batman: Arkham Asylum: Is Eidos Up to Their Old Tricks?

Eidos has made a name for itself in the industry as a controversial figure, and not in the usual "video games are corrupting our society" kind of way. Falsified promotion, Gerstmanngate, and other such nonsense that is generally frowned upon have been the order of the day before, and it seems that they're up to their old tricks again... maybe. The RAM Raider alleges that while a number of magazines already have their review code for Batman: Arkham Asylum, they have to sit on their respective critiques until the end of the month. That is, unless they are willing to concede to two conditions. Read More


Sony Says PS3 Has Higher Attach Rate for Blockbuster Titles

We all know that Sony loves to open its flap when it comes to putting down the competition, but this time around Sony has got some solid data to back up those words. Sure, the outlook of the data is very open to interpretation, but it's solid data nonetheless. In an interview with Gamasutra, Sony's Peter Dille talked about how various high-profile titles have sold just as well on the PS3 as they have on the 360, pointing to a higher attach rate for the PS3. "If you factor in Xbox 360's longer time in the marketplace and larger install base, Xbox 360 should be selling twice as many software units as PS3 if attach rates were equal -- and that is just not what we are seeing at retail with many multiplatform titles," he said. Street Fighter IV, for example, has only sold 44,000 more copies on the 360 than the PS3. With a sales total of 402,919 on the PS3 and an attach rate 5.5%, Sony does indeed seem to have the upper hand over Microsoft's 446,435 copies sold with an attach rate of 3.1%. I guess. As another example, Tomb Raider: Underworld has been selling in the US better on the PS3 than the 360, with an attach rate of 1.9% to .7% And in an even greater victory, Sony proclaimed that the PS3 had an attach rate of 26.9% for Grand Theft Auto IV in comparison to the 360's 23%. But when you factor in the actual sales numbers - 1,959,798 copies on the PS3 and 3,362,196 copies on the 360 - have they really won? The PS3 may have a better attach rate, but that really doesn't mean much when it comes to raw sales values. A higher attach rate doesn't rake in more dough - selling more copies does. And if you don't have the userbase, who is there to sell games to? Sony should probably focus more on selling systems than spinning arbitrary sales data to look more favorable. Read More


Lara's Shadow DLC Now Available on Xbox Live

All you adventure hounds who have leapt, swung, and shot your way through Tomb Raider: Underworld will be happy to know that the first ever TR: Underworld DLC is available from Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points. The new expansion, which is titled Lara's Shadow, will pit Lara against a challenge that she has yet to face: herself. The new Lara that players can take control of in the Lara's Shadow expansion has, in addition to a liking for pyrotechnics, all of Lara's exceptional athletic abilities, which have been enhanced to give players a newer, stronger, and more adept Lara Croft. Read More


"Underwhelming" Tomb Raider: Underworld Sales Reached Over 2.6m by 2009

Remember when several members of the development team at Crystal Dynamics were fired following the "underperformance" of Tomb Raider: Underworld? Perhaps they should have seen the writing on the wall, and tried harder to make a good product, one that people were interested in buying. After all, 2.6 million units sold is pure peanuts, right? Nevermind the fact that the game had a faster rate of sell-through than either Tomb Raider: Legend or Tomb Raider: Anniversary, according to Gamasutra. Read More