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Race in the picturesque mountains of Japan

Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 Cheats

Hint: Restart with 1,000,000 CP

Unlock Playstation 2
Beat the rival named "???" then pick the option to restart the game from the beginning. You will start all over, but will have 1,000,000 CP.

Hint: Unlocking different rivals

Unlock Playstation 2
To race different rivals, lose once, win all, or draw to all members in that gang. With some gangs such as "Rolling Guy", you have to defeat all of them, but others such as "Highway Outlaw", all you have to do is win or lose (there is no draw rival).

Hint: Get all of the Highway

Unlock Playstation 2
Depending on what class car you are using you will face a person who will unlock a huge section of the track. If you are using a Class B car you will face "Purple Comet". He drives a purple R32 Skyline GT. If you are using a Class A car, it will be "White Phantom" in a white RX-7.

Hint: Stop car in garage

Unlock Playstation 2
Press B and your car will stop moving. This allows you to look at your parts better.

Hint: Hidden BMW M3

Unlock Playstation 2
Race "The Road Of Justice" gang without losing once or drawing to a single member. A Black M3 will race you.

Hint: Hidden Datsun Z

Unlock Playstation 2
To get the modified Datsun Z beat the "Last Boss".

Hint: Special ending

Unlock Playstation 2
Defeat all 372 rivals.

Race against Restless Angel

Unlock Playstation 2
Have 1,400,000 CP then appear at the Dibia Line. She is driving a Blue Lancer EVO.

Race against Race Queen

Unlock Playstation 2
You must have a total of 50 cars in your garage. Note: To do this you cannot buy any more cars unless you sell some.

Keep garage mode

Unlock Playstation 2
Defeat the Last Boss to unlock the ''Keep Garage Mode'' option in quest mode. Note: You will get 100,000,000 CP to use in this mode.
Go through game with a different class car, and different Bosses will race you. For example, Class A is "Phantom Racer", Class B is "Hot Dog", and Class C is "Hard Riff".

Race against Zero

Unlock Playstation 2
To race against the original Boss of Tokyo Xtreme Racer, race for at least 365 days. Drive on Wangan Line South and he should appear. He is driving a Porsche 911 Turbo in dark purple.

Race against Rainy Day

Unlock Playstation 2
Have a car with 3000 Odo (US), and have only that car in your garage.

Turn off rival tags

Unlock Playstation 2
Press Start to pause game play, then press B + L. The "R" tag marking rivals will no longer appear.

Turn on non-rival tags

Unlock Playstation 2
Press Start to pause game play, then press B + R. Non-rival cars will appear with a yellow tag with an ''O'' above them.

Choose your rival

Unlock Playstation 2
Go to the where all the Rivals are located, and find the one that you want to defeat. Then, hold A and press Start.

Instant victory

Unlock Playstation 2
After the 3-2-1-Go countdown, immediately hold L, hold R, then press A on controller two while keeping those buttons held.

Alternate instrumentation color

Unlock Playstation 2
Hold Start and press A at the ''Shift Assist On/Off'' screen. The speedometer, SP meter, and map will be green.

Full pause screen

Unlock Playstation 2
Press Start to pause game play, then press X + Y.