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Futuristic Space Missions and Retro-Styled Martial Arts Hit Wii Shop Channel

Not quite as good as the four games we got last week, evenly split between Virtual Console and WiiWare, Nintendo's Shop Channel still turns in a respectable three this week, with the VC getting the short end of the stick. For fans of oldschool beat-em-ups, Ninja Combat from SNK provides 1-2 player E10+ rated action for a mere 900 Wii Points, rated for Older-Mild Suggestive Themes and Fantasy Violence. This piece comes from when Final Fight and Ninja Turtles-like games were all the rage in arcades, right around 1990. Players take control of two ninjas, Joe and Hayabusa (that sounds familiar) as they take on the evil Kage Ichizoku and their Ninja Tower which dominates a big city of the future. Weapons and items help you along the way, as do new allies that you can choose to proceed with. Protöthea is a 1,000 Wii Point 1-player game from Ubisoft that's rated E for Everyone due to Fantasy Violence. A top-down shooter with free movement, players control a last-generation spaceship to destroy asteroid Maqno 01 and wreck the plans of The Core. Introducing new concepts to a classic play style, Protöthea mixes genres across four worlds and ten missions while utilizing the full capabilities of the Wii, from graphics to controls. Finally, Two Tribes' Toki Tori is a 1,000 Wii Point puzzle/platform game, Rated E for 1-2 players. Players must use a clever combination of items such as the Telewarp, InstantRock™ (they actually trademarked it), and Slug Sucker to solve the game's 70+ levels, which span a wide range of difficulties. Using the Wii Remote for a unique control scheme, Toki Tori makes the most of what the Wii has to offer, even using the Wii's Message Board in a unique way. Read More


Toki Tori Announced for WiiWare, First Screens

Toki Tori marks the entry of Two Tribes into the world of console games. Based on the highly acclaimed Game Boy Color game, Toki Tori looks to improve on every aspect of the original game in this revival of a classic. Featuring a new look, updated content and a completely overhauled Wii-mote control scheme, the game offers players of all ages a classic gaming experience while taking advantage of the WiiWare service. The gameplay in Toki Tori is a blend of two genres. While it looks like a platform game, it's a puzzle game by heart. Players will have to look and plan ahead carefully while using a variety of items, such as the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and InstantRockTM. Toki Tori will be available later this year on WiiWare. Read More