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SEGA Slashes 40% Off PlayStation Network and Virtual Console Stock

If you're a fan of SEGA, then do they ever have a Christmas special for you. From today (following the PlayStation Store update) until January 7th, they are marking 40% off all their titles and downloadable content available on the PlayStation Network. They are doing the same with titles on the Wii's Virtual Console, but that only lasts from Christmas Eve through the 6th of January. Read More


Media: New Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Art, Screens, and Info

Yes, that is Big the Cat being dragged around by an enormous Froggy you see in the image above. And it is but one of many new additions of character art and screens added to our galleries, with screens respective to the DS, Wii, and HD twin versions of the games, so pick your console of choice and check 'em out. Read More


Toejam & Earl Left Out of SEGA Superstars Tennis, Unlikely for All-Star Racing

So far, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing has had a pretty good line-up revealed so far, featuring a bevy of classic characters including AiAi, Beat, Alex Kidd, a good chunk of Sonic the Hedgehog's cast, and even some strong rumors of Ryo Hazuki. But what about Sonic's fellow Genesis stablemates, Toejam & Earl? They seem like a no-brainer, right? As it turns out, things aren't looking good for that duo. GoNintendo reveals that the duo were not only planned for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, but SEGA Superstars Tennis as well, but had to be left out. Why? Read on. Read More


Super-Suited Earthworm with Ray Gun Thwarts Genesis Poll, Resets Votes to Zero

As revealed yesterday, Earthworm Jim is being remade for a release on Xbox LIVE Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and WiiWare. And as Daniel said then, "This re-release however, has nothing to do with Sega's recently proposed vote for which Genesis game would be released on XBLA next, which Earthworm Jim was winning by a landslide." Well, perhaps one can't say it has nothing to do with it; in fact, it seems that somehow, SEGA was entirely unaware of Gameloft's plans when they made their poll. This has shaken things up a bit, and led to Jim's removal from the voting. "We understand that some people who voted for Earthworm Jim may have voted for another game on the poll if they had known that Earthworm Jim was not an option," SEGA reveals on their blog. "So to be fair to everyone, we have reset our poll and it is open for voting once more." Friday remains the last day to vote, and people can vote once per day. The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 22nd, and presently, Toejam & Earl has the lead. Read More