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Cheats for TNA iMPACT!

Unlockable Moves

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Atomic Drop Accumulate 312,000 Style Points
Basement Dropkick Accumulate 140,000 Style Points
Canadian Destroyer Accumulate 972,000 Style Points
Crotch Punch Accumulate 156,000 Style Points
Cutter Accumulate 388,000 Style Points
Dragon Suplex Accumulate 280,000 Style Points
Eye Rake Accumulate 208,000 Style Points
Full Nelson Suplex Accumulate 130,000 Style Points
German Suplex Accumulate 268,000 Style Points
Hangman's Neckbreaker Accumulate 400,000 Style Points
Hurricanrana Accumulate 332,000 Style Points
Jackknife Powerbomb Accumulate 440,000 Style Points
Jawbreaker Accumulate 240,000 Style Points
Leg Sweep Accumulate 252,000 Style Points
Mexican Head Scissors Accumulate 376,000 Style Points
Military Slam Accumulate 480,000 Style Points
Muscle Buster Accumulate 520,000 Style Points
Neckbreaker Accumulate 216,000 Style Points
Reverse DDT Accumulate 486,000 Style Points
Running Neckbrkr Accumulate 340,000 Style Points
Scorpion Death Drop Accumulate 518,000 Style Points
Sitout Powerbomb Accumulate 583,200 Style Points
Sonjay Cutter Accumulate 615,600 Style Points
Tailbreaker Accumulate 232,000 Style Points
The Angle Slam Accumulate 842,400 Style Points
The Black Hole Slam Accumulate 777,600 Style Points
The Book End Accumulate 200,000 Style Points
The Border Toss Accumulate 290,000 Style Points
The Cradle Shock Accumulate 240,000 Style Points
The Gore Accumulate 320,000 Style Points
The Gringo Killer Accumulate 360,000 Style Points
The Payoff Accumulate 560,000 Style Points
The Shell Shock Accumulate 550,800 Style Points
The Steiner Recliner Accumulate 648,000 Style Points
The Stroke Accumulate 712,800 Style Points
The Styles Clash Accumulate 680,400 Style Points
The Unprettier Accumulate 745,200 Style Points
Tornado DDT Accumulate 192,000 Style Points
Twisting Crossbody Accumulate 184,000 Style Points
Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker Accumulate 120,000 Style Points

Unlockable Wrestlers

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Abyss Win Abyss In Story Mode Story mode Part 6
Afro Thunder 750,000 SP
Benny the Clown (from Story Mode, Chapter Two) 350,000 SP
Brother Ray Beat Team 3D in story
Don West Earn 250,000 Style Points
Eric Young Win your tag match in story mode.
Jay Lethal Beat Jay Lethal in story mode
Jeff Jarrett Win Jarrett In Story Mode Part 6
Kevin Nash Beat him in story mode
Lenny The Clown 400,000 SP
Senshi Earn 200,000 Style Points
Sonjay Dutt Beat Sonjay Dutt in story mode.
Suicide Complete story mode, and Suicide is unlocked after the credits are finished.
Tomko Beat Tomko and AJ Styles in story mode

Unlockable Arenas

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Armoury arena Defeat James Storm in Story mode.
England Arena Accumalate 420,000 Style Points.
Freedom Center arena Become the X Division Champion in Story mode.
Japanese arena Defeat the Motor City Machine Guns in Story mode.
Mexican arena Win the Mexican Gauntlet Match in Story mode.
Vegas arena Defeat Kurt Angle in Story mode.