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TNA is Coming to Handhelds, But What About New 360 and PS3 Games?

The absorption of Midway into Warner Bros. Interactive has since left the license for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling in limbo. Well, sort of. Southpeak Interactive holds the license for Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable titles, with the first screens of TNA iMPACT!: Cross the Line being revealed a few days ago, but what of games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Read More


Media: TNA iMPACT!: Cross the Line Screens

As you know the now shut down Midway owned the TNA license, well now SouthPeak Interactive holds the reigns for TNA based games and they sent out 5 screenshots to show you what they are doing with the PSP version of TNA iMPACT!: Cross the Line. Cross the Line should be heading to your PSP and DS later this winter, sure the graphics aren't the best I've seen but maybe the gameplay is good? We shall see. Hit the break to see the new screens in our gallery Read More


TNA Wrestling Impacts Southpeak Interactive, New Handheld Games Announced

Since Midway went under, practically all of their old franchises have been sold off to other developers...with the exclusion of TNA Wrestling. While THQ passed on the organization's license with their acquisition of former developer Midway San Diego (probably because of the, y'know, whole WWE thing?), it looks like the land of the six-sided ring has a new home. In their Q1 2010 earnings report, it was revealed that SouthPeak has gained future publishing rights to the TNA series. It also took the time to announced a new game, TNA Impact: Cross the Line, coming soon to both the Nintendo DS and PSP. As far as for future console releases, we'll have to wait and see. Read More


Kmart's Black Friday Video Game Deals Revealed

If you are a resident of the United States and have just finished taking down your Halloween decorations, you've no doubt noticed an ominous chill in the air, a foreboding cloud on the horizon that can only mean that time of year is soon approaching... Black. Friday. It is a day in which people lose all sense of their humanity as they line up at storefronts in sometimes ungodly conditions and at hours no ordinary, sane person would ever dare dream of being out. And they do it all for one reason, and one reason only. To save money. Read More



Kombo's Review Policy: Our reviews are written for you. Our goal is to write honest, to-the-point reviews that don't waste your... Read More


TNA iMPACT Brings Story to the Wrestling Genre

I used to be a huge wrestling fan back in the mid-90s. I loved the strange personalities and the man-drama that would boil over into a good old fashioned throw down of impressive athleticism. Knowing that most of the punches and hits are fake, you still need to be in peak physical condition to be tossed around and still entertain. But it always came back to the story. Good guys turning bad, the bad guys doing good things, each week a new story would unfold with more outrageous leaps of logic than the last. Wrestling video games, up to this point, have always skirted the opportunity to dive into those complex relationships and let the main events take center stage. Read More